Merry Christmas to You..

and to me!!
I've been depriving myself of goodies because of the lack of income this year, so I decided that I was going to splurge on something small. SO, I got these gorgeously cute kanzashi hair clips from Thea Starr.. I love them so much that I'm afraid this is going to turn into an addiction. =X

The promo package that came with it was also great! A little collection of DIY artists/boutiques. A cute button from Allymoon and a lotion sample from Raw Beauty. [It smells delicious.]

I'm slowly discovering that there's something more to this world of small businesses that are made up of these artists.. there's alot of love and passion that is just so completely infectious. And you don't get that from buying at huge chain stores. As much as I love the prices at some of the big name shops, there's just something about buying from other artists that makes me all warm and happy inside-- maybe it's because I feel like I'm helping someone fulfill their dream.

Oh!! And I was linked by Jessica Stover Dot Com!! Made me so happy, I bounced and clapped in my seat. Thanks J. Sto-- I hope other people like and appreciate my scarves as much as you and I do. Wow, stumbling upon your post totally made my day!

I received Sims 2 from the Sig. O for Christmas, and it is both a wonderful and awful thing!! I love the game, but it is freaking addicting. I've put a limit on myself and hopefully I'll stick to it. *doubtful*

Spent the day making chokers for my Semi-Precious Sparkle Collection. Waiting for the biz name to register is twisting me up inside!!! I hate waiting. Sigh. I guess things like this build character, huh.

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