Swap: Success!

A week or so ago, I participated in a little swap with Nicole from "Pink Loves Brown" [www.pinklovesbrown.com]. I swapped my garden scarf for 2 boxes of cards. They were so cleverly put together and oh so pretty! I recommend Nicole for any greeting card needs. =)

Everything about the business is going mucho slowly. Starting to get impatient, but being involved on the Switchboards helps me get a heads up on stuff early. Thank God for it! Making new friends on it is great too-- I helped proofread someone's site a couple days ago and she's sending me a package of bath and body stuffs! Indie business are so great.

In other gross news, I think my betta is constipated. It's been swimming around with a big belly, and I think I've been overfeeding him. Oops. Online research says all I have to do is stop feeding him for a little while, or feed much less.

Gotta get dinner ready.

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JM said...

Love the scarves,

And artists swapping,

And the tea link.

I will visit more often.