And I can do the Frug..

Loving Rilo Kiley!! So fun.

Left: More watercolor and gouache. Didn't come out how I wanted it to, but decided to post it anyway. It'll be a record of my progress. I hate how colors always come out wrong for me.. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention @ RISD. Freshman year was a blur because I was half conscious most of the time. Agh REGRET! Linework is so much easier. Oh well; all the more reason to work at colors. =) Hm.. also, this wasn't a great scan, because alot of stuff you can't see because it's too light-- the space to her right is filled with light pastel rectangles. Beh.

Update: The stew rocked my socks!!


My Stomach is Growling.

Made an amazing beef stew today-- for tomorrow. Want to eat it NOW, but must have patience to let flavors meld.

Working on a cd cover/insert. Will be wonderful when I actually get paid a more reasonable amount of money for the work I do, but until then, I'm satisfied with doing something I love.

Rekindling my love for watercolor/gouache. Fell in love w/ the girl in the painting above. She is wonderful to be wearing my earrings, no? Digital collage. It's going in my company postcard. Was challenging but fun. My solution to not being able to find a model to photograph.

I curse myself everyday for not taking some graphic design courses at RISD. What the HELL was I thinking?!?!

Been sipping on tea all day; my room smells wonderfully of strawberries. Mmm.



You know, sometimes I just think I'm lazy. Maybe I am. But then why this guilt, like I'm not doing anything with my life? [Because the guilt usually motivates me somewhat.] Like I'm going to wake up 20 yrs. later, at home, just screwed, because it's just too late in life to do anything. Although, that's not right. I'm not saying that 43 yrs old is too late to do anything with your life because it's really never too late. It's just that there's so much stuff I want to do, and none of it has anything to do with each other! It's ridiculous.

Alright, so about the jewelry co.. Just got a friend to edit the writing that's going on the postcard. Now all I have to do is get some photographs, some models, I don't really know how that's going to happen. I'm a little wary of Craigslist. Maybe find a friend to pose, we'll see. The weather has been just really insanely crappy, and it makes me lose focus. I never want to work when it's rainy. The Sig. O. says that I have an artists' temperament, which is kindof a nice thing to say, but also another way of saying I'm crazy. Which is true, to some degree. I get all these ideas all at once, and then I'm overwhelmed by the obstacles, and then I'm afraid of moving forward, so I'm completely immobolized by my fear. And then there are these days, where I sit in front of the computer, and my mind is a blank, my eyes are unfocusing and focusing so my head just aches.


A gift for ArtLad


I can't believe it! Here I am, pumping away at the postcard and getting some photos of my designs to create a wholesale sheet, and I get my first email requesting a catalog!! Not just for a single purchase, but someone requesting for their bridesmaids! Wow. It may never follow through, I am prepared for that, but it's little rays of sunshine and hope like this that really keep me going.

Now!! Get me a cup of tea and off to work I go!


a productive day

Sometimes days when I am seething with rage about the Significant Other are the best days for work. Started the day earlier than usual, had a nice big mug of steaming "holiday blend" tea, and sat down to do some sketching-- something I haven't done in ages. Inspired by the amazing illustrators/painters I come upon online, I decided to do some drawing. Hoping to turn these into paintings! It's hard to say because painting's not my strong point, and I don't have much money to buy paints. Sad.

Went over my jewelry designs today-- surprised to find that I had enough to start this season! Now all I have to do is get that postcard designed, take some photos of the jewelry, create a wholesale sheet, and start walking the streets of NY. The e-shop's going to have to wait. Photos of the stuff will be enough. Gotta light a fire under my ass!! Gotta get this thing rolling!!

edit: Just browsed onto the most amazing 2 sites; one of them-- http://artlad.blogspot.com/
The boy is just so creative, his observations are just SO GREAT. It's just one of those thing where you read them, and you just think, "exactly!!" And you know that if you were his age, you'd be seeing the world like that too. Sometimes I have to remind myself not to be so desensitized to the world when I catch myself just existing. His dad's site is great too-- you can link to his site through ArtLad's. Am currently waiting anxiously for the next installment of how he and his wife got together. Gotta love voyeurism and the internet.

Also: I need more tea. But I don't want to spend money on it. But ohhhh I need it.



The weekend @ RISD was nice and refreshing. Met some people, caught up with others, saw some really nice work. Too bad it rained all weekend. But, it did remind me of where I'm coming from and there is still hope for me! It's hard to stay optimistic about the future when you're still living with your parents and working out of your old room.

Right now, I'm chatting with tech support on why my index page isn't showing up!!!!


Finally designed my business card-- something I'm actually happy with. 2 designs, actually, because I'm incredibly indecisive when it comes to things like this. Got some good responses, so I think I'm going to get both of them made @ overnightprints.com. Love them! Cheap and high quality. My design was inspired by the incredible work of Mucha and Audrey Kawasaki. Absolutely beautiful stuff.

After designing the logo, the site design came relatively easily. The index page of is uploaded, but not working, which is why I'm chatting w/ tech support. Gr.

Worried about how I'm going to get OSCommerce to work for me. Been browsing on various sites that use it, and manage to incorporate it really well with the design of the site, still very worried about it. ::pulls at hair::

Next up, postcard design. Still need some more jewelry designs for this collection, but things are ok in that area, I think.

Did find some TERRIBLE news @ RISD from a friend-- turns out the deadline for the holiday sale was back in JUNE!!!!! WAAHHH!!! !@#$%^! It's horrible. It was supposed to be my big debut, a great chance for publicity. Hopefully I can figure something out by splitting a table with someone. We'll see.


I guess I'll give this a try.

This is to keep an honest account for myself.

Current obstacles: Designing the business card. After that will come the website, and then the postcard. I also need more designs for the Winter 2005 line.

Thoughts that are constantly on my mind:

By starting this company, am I letting go of my dream of being published? The book has 6 pages of it sketched and it's been that way for about a month. But if I'm going to make this company work, I've gotta keep pushing.

Going to RISD this weekend for the alumni reunion. Not going for the reunion really; just going to go see the boyfriend and go to some galleries. Taking a much needed vacation.