Progress on the E-Shop..

..is coming along swimmingly. Swimmingly.

I realized I haven't posted many doodles/sketches lately!! Is overdue. That's because aside from the e-shop, the Sig. O's site, and other various things related to the shop, I'm working on something that's going to be the Sig. O's Christmas present, but I can't post it here because he checks it. *waves fist*

The rain is beating on the roof. I always have trouble getting up in the morning if it's been raining all night.

Insanity. Starting a business is insanity. Starting a business when you don't have a primary source of income is... driving me mad. My eyes are going to fall out. My hair is turning white. I'm getting an ulcer. Which is super-sucky because the only other thing i need besides a primary source of income is a primary source of loving, and that's too far away. The comforting that I desperately need when I've been fighting with the website all day.

I hope this works. All of it. Just have to keep in mind that it takes time. Otherwise, what the hell am I doing?!

---- inspiring ---


happy turk.. chicken day?

So this Thanksgiving was a tiny one, so no turkey. I know, *GASP* right? Not so much when you come from a non-sentimental chinese family like mine. It'll be different when I have my own family, I'm pretty sure-- since I love all the traditional stuff for the holidays.

The Sig. O. came and visited, yay!! Can't wait til all this long distance crap is over. Grumble grumble pout frown grumble sigh SIGH grumble.

Had a chance this weekend to do a bit of publicity for Chimaera Designs at a friend's party-- excellent. And supplies came this weekend for ring making, so tomorrow it's website wrestling and ring making, all day. EVERYTHING IS COMING ALONG SO NICELY, WAHAHA!

In other news, I learned how to knit hats!!

They knit up so fast! I forsee many knitted hats in my future.


Fat Warm Scarf Sold!!

Both of my fat warm scarves were sold this morning!! Makes me happy when my creations find homes. Check in on my etsy shop, because there are more fat scarves to be sold. =D

The Sig. O. will be visiting soon, and things will be awesome again, even if the weather's going to be bad this week. Countdown: 3 days! Life will be filled with good food, great company, and happy happy times.

Ohh, I've GOT to get my printer cleaned. *Tears out hair* But soo expensive to do it..

Dream: One day, bills and necessary expenses will not be so difficult. I don't want an extravagent lifestyle, just comfortable enough that my heart doesn't jump to my throat whenever an unexpected expense pops up.

I hate that every post has to do with money. That does not make for very exciting entries. Sigh.


They're Finally Here!!

My biz/post cards made it here, FINALLY. So excited about them that I cut myself while opening-- a little disappointed because some of the colors are a bit wrong, but hoping that it'll be remedied soon. The postcards are HUGE and BEAUTIFUL. Excited! Next step: Finish samples, finish display box. Almost, almost.

Some more freelance work is popping up here and there; hoping that they'll follow through and I'll actually make some extra money. Recent horror: cell phone bill. Must remind myself that I have LIMITED MINUTES DURING THE DAY. =(

I am just so poor this year-- I've decided to make all my Christmas presents. Hopefully the receivers will love!! Went to Fabric Bonanza, which is closing SO SAD but had a lovely time w/ a fellow craft lover. Sweet, sweet fabrics.

Life has been busy but things have been much easier after praying about not seeking validation [or determining self-worth] from people who might hire me or buy my illustrations/designs. He loves me, and that is enough.
Adagio teas are AMAZING with shipping!! So fast. Simple joys: see pic.


Work! and Fun!

Finally decided that buying a template would be worth it. I'm not a graphic designer, and website design comes REALLY slowly for me.. so been working on that today. Got my herbal sampler in, having some Berry Blues. Eh, not a fan of berry flavors in general. Tart. Makes a very pretty cup of tea. Anyway! Hopefully the website will look nice and professional now.

Started making my display box. Decided that I'm going to treat it like a RISD project, and hopefully it'll keep me optimistic when I'm making my rounds in the city and getting rejected left and right. So far have stained the wood, so pretty.

Am considering doing something sort of like Duane Keiser's "A Painting a Day" [http://duanekeiser.blogspot.com/] and putting up "A Scarf A Week", and then putting that scarf up for sale on Etsy. If there's anyone who reads this thing thinks that's an ok idea, please let me know! It would be silly to do it otherwise.


Little Laura In The Big City

Went into the city for my first overnighter in a friend's penthouse.. Had some japanese bbq, met some people-- it's a little disheartening to talk to peers who are making an incredibly huge living. Financial analysts, chemists, researchers.. "I work in the Rockefeller Building.." Oh really? I work out of my bedroom in my parents' house in Long Island. Top that, brotha.

Anyway, that day and the next were supposed to be a vacation, but I found myself wandering the streets of New York with my head pounding and wondering, is this really what I want to do? Does what I want even matter? What if this is it, and I'm just now realizing that I'm never going to really make a difference in this world?

Hungover and squinting at billions of beads, I decided that this wasn't the best time to answer these questions. I swung my lime baggalini over my shoulder, purchased a couple of strands of glass pearls and hightailed it out of there. I've got a small but hopeful start-up to attend to and business cards in the mail. This is not the time to have a quarter-life crisis.


Chugging along.

Just a quick sketch today. Been scouring Craigslist for freelance work; need to make some extra money. Lately what's been weighing on my mind is how to make a little extra income without veering off of my main path. Considered teaching some classes, but not sure if that's possible without a masters in education. New York's just way too competitive; it's tough.

Meanwhile, my pile of scarves is growing-- it's pretty satisfying. Just imagine how much inventory I'm gonna have by next year for the sale! Wild.

Found a Pussycat Dolls' cover for "Tainted Love". Oh it's so good. Love it when I find a song that just makes me bop around in my seat while working. Usually covers are pretty disappointing.. but this one is SO great.

Still waiting for my cards to come. www.overnightprints.com


Monsters, Monsters, Monsters!!

CD design done, posting the label. Got addicted to monsters!! Cute, cuddy, slightly creepy sometimes and you love them!! They're so fun to draw, that I've been drawing a page full of monsters while having my Sex and the City marathon. I think I'm going to get some rolls of wrapping paper printed, maybe sell some on Etsy.com! Or... I dunno. Pixelgirlshop? Whoever'll take me, I guess. Will post my monsters up when they're done!


Oh God I Feel Like Crap

I love autumn.. it really is my favorite season. Leaves changing colors, apple-picking, cooler weather, it's all great. It's just that quick switch from warmish to cold and my body's all confused and as a result, I'm sneezing my head off and feeling fluish. EEeerg.

Anyway, so I'm tired, and this cd design I'm supposed to be doing is just not working out. Everything looks wrong and awful and oogly.


I woke up early this morning because I heard someone whisper my name, only it wasn't my name, but the nickname that my family calls me. It was a whisper that came through the in the dark, and I opened my eyes and said "What?" Freaky.

Found this amazing site for selling handcrafted stuff-- Etsy.com Peeeerrrity awesome.

Stumbed upon Nickerblog through Magazine Man's blog-- he blogs w/ video sometimes, and I'm trying to convince the Sig. O to do this. I'm always trying to convince him to do stuff like this but I think he just humors me. "Sure, Bonga bonga! Yeah!" Sigh. Still! I think it would be great.

Alright back to work for me.