Warm Hamster Wishes

Feel free to print and color!


Brooches and Booties

A couple of pictures:

Me loving my new clips that i can wear anywhere!


Booties i finished for the Sig. O's expectant aunt:

Surprisingly easy and fast to make! They are so darling i want to keeps em and eats em.

Work news:
Thanks to a generous friend's awesome photo equipment, i am finally working on the photos of my jewelry that will soon be collected into a nice and tidy little catalog. *applause*


Merry Christmas to You..

and to me!!
I've been depriving myself of goodies because of the lack of income this year, so I decided that I was going to splurge on something small. SO, I got these gorgeously cute kanzashi hair clips from Thea Starr.. I love them so much that I'm afraid this is going to turn into an addiction. =X

The promo package that came with it was also great! A little collection of DIY artists/boutiques. A cute button from Allymoon and a lotion sample from Raw Beauty. [It smells delicious.]

I'm slowly discovering that there's something more to this world of small businesses that are made up of these artists.. there's alot of love and passion that is just so completely infectious. And you don't get that from buying at huge chain stores. As much as I love the prices at some of the big name shops, there's just something about buying from other artists that makes me all warm and happy inside-- maybe it's because I feel like I'm helping someone fulfill their dream.

Oh!! And I was linked by Jessica Stover Dot Com!! Made me so happy, I bounced and clapped in my seat. Thanks J. Sto-- I hope other people like and appreciate my scarves as much as you and I do. Wow, stumbling upon your post totally made my day!

I received Sims 2 from the Sig. O for Christmas, and it is both a wonderful and awful thing!! I love the game, but it is freaking addicting. I've put a limit on myself and hopefully I'll stick to it. *doubtful*

Spent the day making chokers for my Semi-Precious Sparkle Collection. Waiting for the biz name to register is twisting me up inside!!! I hate waiting. Sigh. I guess things like this build character, huh.


A Letter from LegalZoom

Dear Laura

Thank you once again for choosing LegalZoom, America's #1 online legal document service.

Your DBA application has been sent for filing. Please note that this name has only been initially cleared. It will not be officially cleared for your use until the fictitious business name is filed and sent back to our office filed and ready for publication.

Thanks once again for choosing LegalZoom.


The LegalZoom Team

Whew. Next step, more waiting.

also, new items in the shop! Visit my Etsy Shop!


A Rough Day

It's been rough, being sick and filled up with mucus. But who wants to hear about that? Nobody. So some good news:

I helped a nice lady from California proofread her new site, and she sends me goodies in exchange! They look so so good, can't wait to use them. You can visit her here: www.mi-spa.com

It's getting hard to be patient with the whole DBA registration thing. I'm afraid to move forward w/ the biz when I'm not even sure if the name's going to pass. And with all this uncertainty, it's easy to start doubting whether or not this business is going to succeed. Been reading Nolo's "How to Write A Business Plan" and although it's supposed to help, it's actually really discouraging me. I realize that all the stuff that they're saying about how most small businesses fail is supposed to make you think about aspects of the business that you may not have thought about before, but alot of it just sounds really negative. Intellectually, I know it's good and all for the best, but it's just hard right now. Doesn't help that I'm sick and all woozy, I suppose.

haven't posted a doodle in a while, thought i'd do a quick one today.



Latest Update: The Chimaera is feeling extremely under the weather. Her wastebasket is full of tissues.

In other happier news, the scarves are selling like hot cakes! Better get knitting again. Don't want the shop to be empty! Hehehe.


Swap: Success!

A week or so ago, I participated in a little swap with Nicole from "Pink Loves Brown" [www.pinklovesbrown.com]. I swapped my garden scarf for 2 boxes of cards. They were so cleverly put together and oh so pretty! I recommend Nicole for any greeting card needs. =)

Everything about the business is going mucho slowly. Starting to get impatient, but being involved on the Switchboards helps me get a heads up on stuff early. Thank God for it! Making new friends on it is great too-- I helped proofread someone's site a couple days ago and she's sending me a package of bath and body stuffs! Indie business are so great.

In other gross news, I think my betta is constipated. It's been swimming around with a big belly, and I think I've been overfeeding him. Oops. Online research says all I have to do is stop feeding him for a little while, or feed much less.

Gotta get dinner ready.


Back from Boston/Providence!

So the sales were nice, it was great to see so many awesome crafters/artists. Got some ideas on displaying my own stuff later on. =)

Also this weekend: some much needed quality time w/ the Sig. O. Baking cookies, shopping together, a nice time. Pic: Driving around the Common. The lights on the trees were gorgeous-- it's what I love about holiday time. =)

Some new items up in the etsy store! Capelets and scarves. I desperately need the money, otherwise I would just keep the capelet for myself, hehe.


A Weekend of Fairs

Leaving tomorrow for Boston/Providence. Visit the Sig. O, the alma mater, and see some good fair stuff!! Excited-- I know a bunch of the crafters whose blogs I read are gonna be there, gonna check out the displays and items! Holiday fairs are the best.

Friday: Craftland, 12pm-8pm, 160 Westminster St, Providence, RI [also on Saturday December 10 (11am-6pm)]
Saturday: RISD alumni holiday sale, 10 am to 5 pm at the Rhode Island Convention Center, 1 Sabin Street, Providence
Sunday: Bazaar Bizarre, 1pm-8pm, 539 Tremont Street, South End, Boston

Alright, I'm exhausted-- printer nightmare is almost over, customer service pulled through. Some t-shirt freelance stuff is in the works, also great!

Ok lots of stuff to do before I leave


A Nice Weekend..

It's been a nice and productive weekend.. tried to get some breaks in, but no such luck. It's alright, since it was Very Good Work. Reading Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughs right now. It's truly amazing and inspirational and gets my mind churning. Would recommend this book for people who're starting their own business-- actually, would recommend to everyone. It's a yummy hardcover book, dust jacket is smooth with a matte finish, pages are thick and nubby, with that recycled paper feeling. Enjoyable, fun, and educational. All info is straight and to the point, no BSing. Mark Hughes, you're changing my life.

Ran into an amazingly large number of people from my high school yrs. this weekend. Bizarre. Usually when I run into people in my past, I think about how they've changed, what they used to be like, etc. This weekend, I realized that I'm the one who's changed so much. I used to be the shy awkward one, using my sickingly sweet/cute voice and gestures as a facade. I used to worry so much about being judged, but now I'm just comfortable with myself. Which is an amazing thing to realize. I'm ok with myself! <-- one of the biggest things to happen to me, ever. After decades of struggling with insecurity and low self esteem, wow.

Should get to bed. Tomorrow's going to be an intense day, filled with trips to the county clerk, filling out forms, registering a business name, getting my printer back [maybe!]. Errands, organizing, making Christmas presents. Whew.


Running into Problems..

Have to change the business name.

Need faith that He'll help me see this through.
It's getting really hard.

Ring Assemblage

Awaiting sterling chain, should get here tomorrow. It's gonna be a factory in here, yo. It has already begun! [See pics.]

The wire wrapping part is tricksy.

A gracious, gracious friend has offered to loan me some SUPER DUPER excellent photo-making apparatusesess! Very exciting.

It's been so busy around these parts that I've been forgetting to feed my betta. Terrible!

Ahh, time for the sleep.