This Post is So Long Overdue, It’s Unbelievable.

When life gets a little hectic, I drop off the face of the earth. For many people, it’s really easy to maintain friendships and just to keep in contact with people in general, but for whatever reason, it’s really hard for me. I get so involved with what I’m doing and it’s taking up so much effort and energy that I can’t bring myself to even see people sometimes. L says I’m a workaholic. Maybe I am. Although it’s a little more like “obsessive.”

Anyhow, I still haven’t gotten the photos from the craft show from G, so that’ll have to wait. I do have one photo I took myself after we set up at the first show-- there's my mama who helped out.

Meanwhile, I’ve been updating the site, catching up on bookkeeping, cleaning up messes that I’ve allowed to happen because of the fairs. 3 in 2 weeks were a little bit of an overload, but I definitely needed the extra exposure and cash. I noticed a spike in traffic, so that’s good news! Also some custom orders have been made, so that’s all very nice stuff. Coming up very soon is my first promo-- I’m not sure how to go about advertising it, but I want to do a free gift with purchase type of thing. The occasion is my upcoming birthday, yay!

This is a photo of me knitting.. I tried to keep up with a bit of knitting every once in a while so that by the holiday gift buying time, the shop will be filled with yummy warm things. It’s been difficult to do with the lack of time and the warm weather, but this is how they separate the.. the men from the boys! Dare to knit in hot weather?! That’s hardcore.

My birthdays have generally been pretty bad since my 18th birthday, with the exception of maybe one or two. I’m not really sure why that is.. but I think it’s my own fault. Getting myself down about it, etc. Coming to terms with some facts of life have helped. This year, I decided nothing good was going to happen and already things are looking on the up and up! Most of it is having extremely low expectations. But already I’ve received 2 birthday presents [one unopened, and the other are these!!] and have plans to go early morning clamming at Jones Beach to celebrate birthday[s]. AND then there is a dinner to attend!

These red Converse All Stars are from my brother and they remind me of big fat red crayons from nursery school. It makes me happy when I wear them, because they are completely unflattering and just for fun and comfort. [The photo is taken by a friend with cool yellow shoes.]

I also attended Renegade Craft Fair this past Saturday, and that was very cool! Many shops that were VERY familiar, as I subscribe to most of their blogs on Bloglines. Seeing some etsy folks was also really great! I hand delivered a button to a girl who ordered one from me and that made me feel warm and fuzzy-- so did having a fellow Etsy seller recognize me by my button and call me by my real name! It was all very thrilling, and I’m so sorry that I didn’t remember to take more photos. I was just having such a great time being a dork.

The only photo I have is this-- a friend took it after I purchased the tshirt. Oh, Timmie! I love his shade of green, the way the red of his mouth looks against that green, his lovely eyes, and the way his arms flop. I hope I can buy him one day, but for now, I will wear the tshirt [that I could justify buying because I needed a tshirt to wear for the summer.]

That’s all for now.. there is so much more I want to write about, but I’m beat. Jewelry studio time was very good; surprisingly productive because I wasn’t sure what I was going to work on today but out came a new pendant and very many freeform shapes that I could use. This photo is from last week's work; I'll post this week's later.

I had to leave an hour early because a piece of a my largest filling broke off and filled my mouth with crunchy metal. I jetted home, scarfed down an EXTREMELY late lunch, showered, and got myself to the dentist-- I hadn’t been to one in 4 or 5 years. Anyhow, it was no big deal right now, but later on I may have to get a crown. The dentist’s wife observed that my teeth were very short! I hope that doesn’t mean they’re unhealthily short. So now I’m taking a break before I tackle my huge pile of laundry. Oy. Break’s over.

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Sorry to do this in comments, but your email address doesn't seem to be listed.

Chuck (from MagMan comments) had the idea of putting together donations to the ASPCA in honor of Blaze's safe return. He's asked me to be the point person for collecting donations (so they all get put together and given as one big gift)... If you're into it, send me mail: stumark@verizon.net