Rustic Earrings & Knitty Yums.

Been hammering goldfill lately to experiment, and I think I like it! It doesn't chip like I thought it might. Here're some earrings I made for a good friend~ I hope she likes them. Some rustic earrings for her new rustic weekends with her new rustic manfriend. Hehe.

Been feeling under the weather lately so I've been letting go of extra fun time crafting to get lots of good sleep-- can't afford to let this slip into full blown illness. Still, been trying to do a tiny bit of knitting because it's going to be good scarf selling season soon! Want to fill the etsy shop with mucho knits. I'm working on a skinny scarf that's made with more of that great yarn by RMDdesigns.etsy.com. Super uber duper lovely to knit, with all its colors and thick bulbous parts; it's going to make SUCH A GREAT scarf. I hope I can bring myself to give it up.. sigh. I'll tewtally post a photo of it in progress tomorrow.

----edit: here we go! phototo.----


I got a bag of chips today and they're meant to be munchies for the pt job, but I can't stop eating it. I have an itchy throat and too much hot chi- no cucumber to fight it either! My body's going to revolt- I'm going to try to hold it off with fluids. And sleep. Must get to sleep.

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gina said...

i love the fat to skinny nubby stitches on that purple scarf.