Tuesday = Jewelry Studio Day!

Another lovely day @ the studio. Am currently practicing soldering skills-- last "semester", I went nuts just freeforming everything and experimenting loony-like. This time, I'm holding myself back a little so I can fine tune the basic techniques. Giving myself projects to do that with is helping lots, like this little raincloud pendant.

I'm also trying to find a style that's suitable to the freeform stuff I was doing-- something more finished looking. So here's another pendant I was practicing with. It's too rough still. But I like the fused bubblies. They were fun-- also learned how to make that dark dark oxidized part. Maybe I should put the bubblies on a circle. HMM. I think yes!


gina said...

that raincloud is AWESOME. design is very clever :)

Malin said...

Great raincloud! I love that you used the gray metal for the cloud and then added the sparkling blue waterdrop beads! It's very pretty :) Not liking the unbalance though.. I think. Is that a reflection back at me? I need balance in my life right now? Maybe :) Good work though!