Sleepy and Contemplative.

Was out w/ G. tonight after work to see a friend [J.] perform in Brooklyn. It was some sort of Asian American thing; everytime I go to events like this I'm made so aware how different I am. I'm all for figuring out your Asian American identity and hashing things out w/ poetry or music or whatever. It's important and has to be done sometime in your life, as long as you feel the need. I think I've done that already and just want to.. laugh. Most of my time now is spent worrying about the future, or the present, or where I am in life, in my career, or relationships with people, relationships with family-- when I've got a bit of free time, I just want to look at and make lovely things. Draw. Be goofy or make random comments to make people smile [or laugh!]. Maybe that's dumb and frivolous and not cool. I hope I've come to terms with being uncool.. I fought so hard against it in high school, I'm pretty much through with that. Sitting here wearing glasses 2 inch thick and the first thing I do when I get home is blog. Laura ≠ Cool.

Wow, I'm really starting to use this place to ramble, huh. It's just as well. La la la.

How lame not to have a photograph of tonight! Not even of G, J, and me. A post is always better with photos.

Edit: Here is a photo of a lamp that I like.


gina said...

i think you are TRE cool! it's the differences i like the most... and the goofy and the random comments. NORMAL is uncool.
fun in 2 weeks! more more more! :D

Malin said...

Hey, who wants to hang with the cool ones? Not me. I'll take the funny/sweet/nice/crafty person anyday!