PR, a Pretty Dress, and Steak.

Photo: an old one, I think I'm at the computer. Surprise.
Today was a huge PR day-- sat down for hours and hours, contacting stores, blogs, magazines, registered for trunkt's lookbook, etc, etc. [Mimie, saw that thread a/b it, took the plunge, hope it works as well for me as it did for you!] Doing PR always makes me feel unproductive because you don't get to see the end product til later, if at all. It also makes me feel brokety broke broke, whee! It'll be worth it though! *crosses fingers*

Love this! How pretty is that?! That particular color combo gets me all the time-- we just got this great top from zulupop in the store [same colors] and it literally just pulls people into the store, screamin' about it. Those buttons make me wanna giggle.

I just watched a vlog about cooking. Now I'm starving for steak.

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