New Year's!

Happy New Year's, everybuddies!

The Sig. O. came and visited, which was very nice. Lots of food, family, and an awesome trip to MoMA and a Petco. It's been an excellent weekend. Weather was great, which is a big plus.

Shop's going up this week! Yay! Getting the details together, satisfying.

Received my super professional black tray cases to carry my samples around to boutiques. Mm, soft velvet display pads inside. My jewelry is happy.

I can feel myself growing and learning. Learning not to take shit from nobody. You can't walk over this little girl, nope. Demanding refunds right and left, where I deserve it! Exhausting sometimes, but I can't afford to let myself get taken advantage of right now.

Getting some requests to do web site design. Is this a possible part time job? Would not be a bad thing! The obsessive compulsive side of me loves the organization of websites. Design's coming a little easier to me now, which is very helpful, since being a the sole biz owner, must wear many hats.

Saw some people this weekend w/ the Sig. O-- old classmates who are now doing pretty well in the field. Envious of their freedom, financial and from parents, but have to keep in mind that I just have to take it one step at a time. Signed up for a local jewelry class. Hopefully I can get alot out of it. Seems a little late, huh. Better late than never. =)

Reminder to self: must blog more. This was supposed to be a journal of how I started my biz. Whoops.


What is UP with Customer Service?!?!

Does customer service even EXIST anymore? If something's backordered, TELL your customers!!! What if it's something they need right away? They should at least have the option of ordering it somewhere else!! Or what about business cards getting reprinted?! You screwed it up once, you should be a little more awesome to your customer afterwards, instead of not even letting them know that you've sent it out already! Letting them think you've just flaked. What the heck is this?!

Every time this kind of stuff happens to me, I vow even harder to be sure this kind of stuff never EVER happens with my business.



The Sig. O. is currently helping me find boutiques to sell at in the Boston area. Awesome. And I've found one in my own town, so hopefully something will work out!


Funny Thing...

Just as I was about to feel like I just could not take it anymore, there was a huge power outtage here due to rain and high winds. It forced me to stop working on my business for about 4 hours and afterwards, I was super productive! Wow.

It's a better day. Thanks for everyone's kind and encouraging words.

Official launch date: February 1, 2006.



What does it mean when it feels like everything is working against you? Does that mean that God's telling me I shouldn't be doing this? Or is it just that everyone goes through this?

Struggling with the site, struggling with photos, struggling with the Sig. O, the materials, creative blockage. Every single thing.

I've tried to be positive, but it is just too hard right now.


The List of Things to do Go On and On and On...

Buy photography equipment to take amazing photos... check.
Take amazing photos.. er.. no check.
Purchase stamp for metal tags... check.
Order business and postcards... check.
Finish website... are ya kiddin?
Figure out and buy packaging for orders... sigh.

Tentative site launch date: Feb. 1, 2006

Is it gonna happen? Ohh I hope so.

Right now I am wishing that I had hired someone to do the website. Because it is giving me the biggest damn headache evAR.



My business name FINALLY PASSED!!!

Wow. Legalzoom tells me that I'll get my package w/ the certificate in the mail by the end of the week. So relieved.

Now-- scrambling to do all the things I've been putting off because I didn't know if I would have to register a different name.

*does a victory boogie around the room*


Indieshopping Interview

Interview on Indieshopping


Postcard Swap

Finally! I'm aware of some fun blogfriend stuff. I'm doing the

Are you?

It's great because the postcard theme is about the year of the dog, and that's awesome! Because I was born in the year of the dog! So forever and ever, I'll have cards that celebrate my birth year. Sweet, sweet like candy.