Scarves, Spring, and the Sig. O.

I apologize for the audio post. It was pointed out to me that I sounded directionless, which was probably not a fun listen. I will try harder next time.

Jewelry was frustrating two weeks ago, because I worked for hours on a cool pendant idea, where I cut out a stencil of an acorn and then combined two types of brass to solder behind the stencil. Anyhow, I got a little torch happy-- the flame turned different colors and I was mesmerized for a moment, and then the whole thing started bubbling up and it was terrible. I melted my hours of work. *Wails* And then the class was over. I walked home listening to Jack Johnson, trying to soothe myself but ended up stomping the entire way.

I tried to save it, I really did. I took to hammering the hell out of it, making stipples, oxidizing parts of it.. and finally I took the torch to it again. It was just too far gone. Tossed it into the trash, and then this week, I tried a different pendant. Pretty happy with the results this time! Just have to remember to keep it simple. Here's my new pendant, in anticipation for spring. I'm excited, because next week, we're going to learn how to set stones with bezels!

Many things I'm making these days are in anticipation for spring. Such as these scarves that are now available in my etsy shop. I've been trying to adjust my prices because I was seriously making $2 an hour with my previous prices, and that was because I didn't have the confidence that the scarves would sell. Ironically, now that the warmer weather's setting in, I'm.. more confident that they'll sell? Well. I figure that if I've got a bunch not selling, I can always wait til this fall.

The Sig. O's pretty stressed these days, working as an animator for a show on adult swim. It's his first episode, and deadlines are short. We're hoping he can get a side gig doing some voices, as he's very talented in that aspect, and it would pay more than doing animation. Sad, sad reality. I am comforting him with a nice package of sock dudes, a letter written on Niko's paper, and other fun goodies. I will not elaborate because he reads this and it will ruin the surprise!

Ooh! I received this cool postcard from Meg. Thanks! I enjoyed receiving it very much. Meg also has an etsy shop and you can find her awesome pillows here: Meg's Shop

Mm, potatoes are baking and I've gotta run!


Audio Post

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Crafty Gifts

I love getting crafty gifts. Aaaaadore them.

Some recent things in the mail!

A wonderful couple on etsy sent me these gifts because I made them some banners. So generous of them!! The wife, Dody, remembered that I mentioned I would love to learn to spin sometime, and she sent me a bunch of wool and mohair roving. Her etsy shop: www.spazspun.etsy.com

And her husband, Paul, made these awesome wooden knitting needles. They're topped with antique wooden spools and smell like fresh wood! I love them. Nice and thick too, a size 15, because I like using fatty needles. He's selling them on Etsy for only $10, www.sullivantoyco.etsy.com. He also makes children's toys, all carved and pretty.

I also received this pack of 4 papers from an etsy person named Niko. He's 6, and loves to make paper. His mom puts his items up in his shop and he uses the money he makes to buy electronic things that he can take apart. What a creative and smart kid!! Check out the cute little note he wrote. Kid handwriting is the best.

In other news,

- I've been soaking my seeds in water and trying to coax the seedlings out of hiding.

- Jewelry tomorrow! Yay!

- I've been in a funk lately and I think it's starting to lift. Whew.

- Lots of writing work to be done! I'm part of a new co-op, www.risingdesigners.com, and my job is to do some writing for it.

- I'm working on a custom goldfilled and amethyst necklace. Fun!


Spring's Coming.. Can you smell it?

I'm super excited about the warm weather-- it's just been too damn long. Eventually I'll probably have to live in a warmer place, *ahem Atlanta? ahem* but for now, I guess I'll just have to bear it.

A couple of friends [G. & B] and I are very into having a vegetable garden and this year I think I'm finally going to join in the fun! Last summer, G. grew a huge patch of grape tomatoes, a fence full of fuzzy melons, and various herbs. This year, she's doing sweet snap peas and winter melon. B. is in med school so he's unable to grow anything; however, he has said he likes to till, so we're going to wait until he gets home some weekend to use his man power. Awesome.

[Of course the silly owl stuck himself in this photo. What an attention whore!] I've got these packets and I'm waiting on grape tomato plants to be out so I can get those too. I've got to build some kind of wooden thing for the cucumber vines to climb. The zucchini are going to grow in small bushes I think so they'll be fine. My mother really did instill this love for gardening in me when I was little, I guess, wow. I remember being assigned a little plot of land in our backyard and my brother and I had to take care of our own plots. I was so proud when I finished tilling with my little shovel, and the soil was all soft and ready for planting. My favorite part was seeing the seedlings pop up and see how fast they grew. We'd always be covered in mud by the time we were done, and we'd dance around with our grubby little hands waving in the air.

Jewelry class has been fun-- this was my first project. Loved making it; hope I can somehow continue this and find a studio to work at after the session is done. Our next project's more free, so I think I'm going to make a crazy organic pendant. Haven't really decided yet, so we'll see!

Got Adobe Golive CS2 Classroom in a Book to help me with websites. Mimie's pointed out some things I need to be fixing, plus when I ran it through a bot that tells you the loading time of each page, mind was labeled "caution." Eep. I like these "Classroom in a Book" series because they're really simple and helpful and a great reference to have at hand.

That's it for now, yo. Laura out!


So Many Crafts, Too Little Time

Spent a couple hours at Barnes & Noble, and am seriously wishing I knew how to do these things!!!

Crochet, and this is the book to help! Love the colored illustrations. I'm absolutely a visual person, and all these diagrams that are in b&w really don't help me at all.

Mostly because I'm dying to do these things:

- Freeform Knit/Crochet
- Crochet flowers!! Like these, that Bella Dia made. [Imagine a whole scarf with flowers and leaves! Wanna do it.]
- Or a little amigurumi?

And in addition to crochet,

- Spin yarn like this, mm yummy yummy.
- Needle felt like this! Or like this!!

Maybe one day.. =)


Bingeing on Etsy

These past few days have been a blur because I'm on that edge where I can fall into being full blown sick-with-a-cold. My schedule's all off, both sleeping and eating, and I'm not really sure why. Must have to do with the trip to visit the Sig. O. Helped him pack for his move to Atlanta. The job is a great opportunity. Just gotta keep reassuring myself of this.

We had a nice time, working through stuff, re-gelling so the move won't hurt us so much. He's got an insane amount of books-- I was in charge of packing those, and picking out clothes for the week. We visited Ri-Ra's for the last time [in a long time anyway]. Went to a going away party for his friend [and him]; they're moving together, and he also has a new job at the same place. I'm glad he has a buddy because it is a long ass drive to Atlanta.

Recently got this Pay It Forward item by wingnut on etsy. It's an adorable little ball of felted sweetness. He's in the pic, hovering over my Yunnan tea. [Been guzzling tea like a crazy person, hoping the antioxidents will help me kick this almost-cold.]

Sales on Etsy have been amazing. It's come in bursts, which has been exciting. Looking into making capelets, skinny scarves, and shrugs for the next big thing. Bought some cheap but pretty socks to make some sock creatures, that'll be fun.

Things with the jewelry shop have been a little stagnant. I think I've been neglecting it a little because of the Etsy excitement. Must not get sidetracked!! Here's a bit of a sneak peak; love this pair. I think I'm putting this photo in my press kit. Almost done with the Spring/Summer collection. I'm still not sure when I'm supposed to launch it, but I'm keeping an eye out. I'm excited about all the gold-filled stuff. =)

The jewelry class was fun-- learned how to make a ring. Was uber cool. My teacher is extremely old and wrinkly, which is adorable.

Oh, waiting on my new stampy thing so I can put gold-filled authentication tags on my necklaces. Ooo yeah.

I ordered another wristlet from Ohsoretro @ Etsy. Excited!

Alright gotta get my get go goin. =P


First Jewelry Class

Tomorrow's my first day and I'm super excited. Hoping that this will inspire and equip me better for the biz. Was a nerd an hour ago and tried on my safety goggles. Not so attractive.
Speaking of attractive..
I love making these sock guys. My first one was featured on Etsy..

.. and that was awesome. Some small sort of validation.

Thinking about making an option to do custom sock dudes. Send in your socks and Laura will make them awesome. Since I'm not sure how sketched people are about my using used socks? I mean, they're clean. And most people I've asked haven't been bothered by it. But you never know. They're not really for cuddling though, more for looking and laughs.

Time for bed. Jewelry class! Tomorrow! Morning!