My first unsolicited mention, in a major magazine! Wow. Great publicity for me and Etsy. So, SO exciting!

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Update: Long Overdue

Things have been crazy on my end lately-- I feel like I'm falling behind on so much. There are obligations I have to fulfill on my to do list that aren't being checked off, and I'm not sure if it's because I'm overwhelmed or whether it's because I let myself get distracted by other less important things. Maybe a combination of both.

This past Sunday was Easter. I got a nice little package from the Sig. O. There was chocolate and grapefruit soaps. Sweet. Someone asked me today how I celebrated Easter, and honestly, I didn't do much to celebrate. I went to church, [which for some people is celebration enough, but it's not anything out of the ordinary]. Went to Barnes and Noble. My family doesn't really celebrate holidays, or birthdays.. It's one of those things I'd like to add to things I want when I have a family of my own: celebrate holidays. Especially an important one like Easter.

I've been knitting much slower these days. Part of it is that I don't have as much time to do it, so I'm stepping back and enjoying the process more. This is what I'm working on now. It's a really nice and bulky handspun wool yarn with lots of variations in color. I even like winding the skeins up into yarn balls; pulling the yarn apart because it's felted a little from the dyeing process. I used to knit like a madwoman, as fast as I could so I could get to the end really fast. But I'm realizing now how calming it is if you focus on the repetition of stitches.

I finally got these organizers from The Container Store, which I just love. It makes the whole jewelry making process go much more efficiently because I'm not wasting time looking for this bead or that finding.

I've started selling small prints of my drawings, all nice and matted on Etsy. This is one of the prints that I'm selling. Things on Etsy are moving much slower, mostly because I don't really advertise for it and it's getting warm in the US, which means no one's buying my knittage. It's alright though, there's always craft fairs during the holiday season.

In my jewelry news, I finally launched my Spring/Summer collection, which I'm pretty happy with. I was able to have someone as a model and I'm hoping that helps with sales; easier for people to picture themselves wearing the jewelry. Plus it adds a nice casual but hopefully professional touch to the website. I've already gotten my first sale from this collection; I hope it means this one's going to do well!

There's no jewelry class this week because of the Easter/Passover holiday, but I'm really looking forward to the next class because I'm close to being finished with a piece I'm making. It's a large pendant with 2 dangling oval lace agates. All that's left is some finishing touches and placing the stones in the bezels, and I'm set! No photo of this just yet.

I just finished watching I heart Huckabees, so I think my mood's a little wonky. I'm feeling a strange sense of detachment to everything I"m writing, but I think that's going to go away in about an hour. I hope.


Mongo Update!

Whew, so lots of stuff has been happening. The weather's been nicer, jewelry class is going nicely. It's been a busy busy week. I've been a part of some swaps, and the goodies have been so nice. I just don't have time to photograph them!! Ee. That will change for future swaps, I promise.

On the Jewelry business:

First, a few weeks ago, a store accepted my jewelry for consigning. It's in Alabama, of all places! But I'm hoping it'll be a very good thing. Anyhow, it's exciting because it's the first store ever! And funny how life works, because a friend of mine will also be consigning her items there [actually she was the one to tell me about the store looking for items]. So our products will meet before we do!

I've joined a couple of co-ops for advertising; it's basically a group of businesses who pool money and work together to get advertising in print or online-- advertising that we normally would not be able to afford on our own. This is ALSO really exciting because now I have the opportunity to actually be in print magazines, which isn't something that I even thought could happen in the next 3 years.

The next thing is that my company's been selected to be a part of the Sampler's gift boxes that will be at the MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show Style Lounge, which is our first big event!! This is super exciting!!! I'm working on all the items I have to send over right now, and it's a massive amount for me because I've never made this many before, but it's great practice to see how many pairs of earrings I can make in a night. Helpful info for when I need to prepare for a craft or jewelry show.

I've also revamped my jewelry site in preparation of a contest that I'll be taking part in. I'll blog about that when it begins. But now, hopefully, it's super fast to load and easier to navigate. A whole new design just in time for all the exciting new upcoming events and also for the new Spring/Summer line, which I'm hoping to launch by next week. All photos have to be taken soon soon soon!

On Crafting:

Been making these guys, and although the Squid was a major pain to make, I really love the outcome. He's a tad phallic, for sure, but I think squids sort of are? I guess I could fight that by making his head more triangular. Next time.

The second little guy is a gift for the Sig. O. They're his socks, after all. Well, sock [singular]. I guess I'll have to make one out of the other sock now too, hee.

That's enough updating for today. It's been so hectic that I'm sure I've fallen behind on all the news from the co-ops by just taking the time to blog this. Insane!


Bus Drawing

It's been a while since I've posted some drawings. Here's a photo of one from a bus ride.