The Cobblehill Park Designer's Fair

It was a tiny little fair, located in Brooklyn Heights at Cobblehill Park. The day was a little windy that day, but overall not bad at all! Patches of sunshine here and there; we were very grateful for it. This is what the weather was like when we got there. We got to meet some cool designers and also got some love from the locals, so that was awesome. [You can click on the photos to see them larger.]

I went w/ my college roommate and friend, Gina [urbanninja.etsy.com]. She sold her handbound sketchbook/journals. I sold my knits from the etsy shop and was there representing Rare Device in the neighborhood, mostly telling people that we were located in Park Slope and that they should come by! People loved all the stuff, so that was pretty sweet. The highlight of my day was when I sold a teeny orange hat to a sniffling little boy. His face was streaked with tears and dirt after playing in the park-- and his mother put the hat on him to make sure it fit, he looked like the saddest pumpkin. Aw.

Oh! Another highlight? Supportive friends who come by-- not just being supportive in presence, but monetarily! Wow! I'm always amazed and encouraged by friends who do that, because I find it hard to do. Generosity, mindblowing.

Here's one side of the table, the side with most of my handknits. Can you see me in the mirror? Hee. I love seeing all my knits piled up on a table-- it feels like I've done so much work, just by knitting a little bit at a time. You can see my little companion [the cat plushy, not the Gina! Although she is a little companion as well.] who I propped up in a knitting container. He's standing on my next project.

Here's the other end of the table. There are a bit of knits, and then a bunch of Gina's journals-- they are all very cool and totally handbound. A lot of them are made of repurposed materials too, so seriously check out her etsy shop. In the middle you'll see info on Rare Device, some cool ceramics that you can also get at the store. They're so awesome, with drawings of little houses that look just like the ones in Brooklyn. You can also see some real m&m chocolate paperweights. Those were not for sale.

Tada. And here is me. I look somewhat anxious.

A close up of our companion. He is putting on a puppet show, with Megan's little blue guy. He made people smile as they walked by, so he has been nice to have around~ =D

Finally, here's us towards the middle of the day. Already I look pretty tired, but I think that's because I expended alot of energy lugging all the stuff to our space, and then chatting it up as friendly as I could to people passing by. These things always take alot out of me. It's not difficult to be outgoing, but it's not my personality, so it can be really difficult to keep up for hours and hours. I like to be quiet and by myself.

Afterwards, Gina and I went to a pizzeria in Park Slope and played catch up. We should play catch up more often. =)


Happy Mail Goodies beats Gray Skies

It's been pretty gray as of late, although fairly warm. Been too busy to keep up with the Melancholy Maidens, poo. I knew this would happen. But I'm going to try to start it again next week. Still have to finish that pug painting, gotta send it out tomorrow in time because it's being given as a gift. I'll post photos of that too, when it's done and about to get sent off to its new owners.

Tuesday was a productive day in the studio though, so that was nice. Here're a couple of the pieces I was able to finish-- I'll post the others later. You can buy these in the etsy shop. I'm still trying to refine the craftsmanship so the prices are fairly low. I don't have great control yet but I'm workin on it! The top piece are Atlantis earrings-- they're made with sterling silver and brass. The earwires are sterling, and the brass part has a floral pattern that I've hand painted to create an aged look, like they were found at the bottom of the ocean. I'm going to do more experimenting with the painted techniques, maybe do the same type of earrings in copper. The second piece is a little sterling pendant, also with brass accents. The center is polished and reflective so it's like a tiny mirror, but it also has little floral patterns imprinted on it to add a little prettiness. I've been working extra small lately and I like how it challenges me to be more careful while handling the torch. I've got to be careful to heat things just the right amount for the metals to do what I want them to do-- any more and they melt into a little puddle, any less and nothing is fused.

This past week has been a great week for mail goodies!! First, I got this amazing finger pupper from Megan. He is the best best kitty ever, such great character in his face!! You can tell he is just so lovingly handmade. Megan also has a bunch of other finger puppets left, snatch them up while you can! She also carries beautiful wool pillows. Amazing.

Also in the mail were lovely hair accessories by Angela; she makes beautiful tiaras and pins as well as jewelry. These were for an etsy swap; I haven't used hair accessories in such a long time, I'd forgotten how much fun they were. I love the nest one especially! So delicate and sweet. I can't wait til she gets my package~ hope she likes it.

Okay, enough procrastinating. On to painting that pug!


Chilly Willy

I started my day with some morning tea-- today's tea was Yunnan Gold, from Adagio Tea. I only bought a bit from them, to try.. and even though I absolutely love it, I can't bring myself to buy more because I can't justify buying Chinese tea online when I can get it here. From Chinese people. Anyway, it's very good! I steep the leaves over and over, all day, getting all my fluids like that because it never tastes bad, even when watered down. It's gotten so chilly in New York so quickly, and now is my Tea Season. **Note to self, get tray for tea. Cram Cream maybe?**

Sunday is Rare Device day-- the end of the day was a bit difficult because I'm weaning myself off coffee. Too much caffeine is bad for the body, even if one is not physically addicted. [I'm not, really, I'm not. Hee.] I tend to make my coffee pretty strong, so having the tea today gave my body a bit of a break. Anyway, it was nice at the store.. I am absolutely in love with the Peace Industry rug that Rena got for the store-- it's just perfecto-perfecto. Super thick felted wool, with amazingly cool patterns. The store rug has a pattern that looks like sunlight is being cast in through large windows. When I look down, it always fools me into thinking it's a bright and sunny day, even when it's not. Which is sweet, because crappy weather depresses me.

I finished this scarf a few days ago. It, among many others, will be sold at the Cobblehill Designer Fair located in Brooklyn Heights. The fair goes from 10am to 5pm this Saturday, Oct. 21. Stop by if you're in the area and look at all the awesome stuff. It'll probably be a little chilly, so maybe you'll want to pick up a scarf [or two]?


Melancholy Maiden #4

Drawing a girl everyday is harder than I thought! And I'm only on #4. It does help that I'm doing them quickly though.. Maybe sometime I can do a 30 minute one, change things up a bit~ woot.

Lately, I've been sleeping terribly late. It's a bad schedule and makes me feel like I don't get anything done even if I do.. I wish it were sunnier! Please, sunny days, come back. I miss you so.


Melancholy Maiden #3

Today was a bit of a gray day, but felt very productive. Spent the day @ Rare Device, got quite a workout! Wrestling with big boxes. I think it's amusing to find that I'm quite comfortable talking to myself in Rena's presence, who also talks to herself. There's just too much to keep inside one's head! Anyway, came home and finished a whole bunch of buttons. Damn insane button order. Never again. Am going to be doing a craft show in Brooklyn next weekend.. details to come.


Metalsmithing: Inspired by Nature

Another beautiful day in New York. Gotta treasure this, because it's going to get cold in no time! Oy.

So Tuesdays are studio days, and here are some of the pieces I was able to finish. The first is sterling, brass, and 14k goldfill.. it was really fun to make and I'm liking the way it came out. It's getting easier and easier to tackle the finishing and basic techniques; I can feel the difference when I'm handling all the tools, so that's all been pretty rad. I always find that when my work is inspired by what grows in nature, the end product is the most interesting to me.

The second piece came from a cool looking twig that I imprinted on sterling. It didn't come out like I wanted; most of the texture was lost, but some was left and it's alright. It's pretty when worn though, so all in all a pretty happy ending. I didn't used to like combining different metals, but now I love it! There's something so lovely about a delicate gold chain. It sort of disappears when you wear it, leaving the pendant floating between the collarbone. I hope I'll be able to actually work in karat gold one day-- but first, must make money off the jewelry before that kind of investment!

Finally, today's little melancholy maiden. A quickie, 5 minutes. She resembles most of the doodles in my sketchbook.

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

The vent was good.. and afterwards, I sat myself down and decided that I was going to try to figure out a style. I have so many different drawing and painting styles-- they all have a similar look, but not close enough. So I'm going to try to do many many quick drawings and hopefully I'll end up with a distinctive style. I started by drawing girls, because that's what I do most of the time. I'll log the sketches as well and maybe we'll see some growth. They'll be 5-15 min drawings, I think, quick things so I don't just give up on the process. Here's the first one.



I'm so angry with myself right now. I graduated from RISD for over 2 years now and don't have a even a small group of artwork that I'm truly proud of. I keep letting myself get distracted with crafting and emotional whims, and all that is fine and productive, but the fact that I haven't made meaningful artwork is really pissing me off. Everything is for money, or learning-- nothing's WRONG with that, that's totally fine but I should have SOME amount of artwork. What is going on?!?! I don't have a refined style of illustrating-- I tried and basically gave up because it wasn't getting me any work. YARRGH. If I asked myself what I really wanted, deep down inside when I left RISD, I would have said that I just want to do shows. Exhibitions. I wanted to make artwork and to show and sell my work. Am I doing that? No. Not even close. What the hell am I doing.




This was a gift from the Sig. O, either part of a birthday present or just because. He gave it to me a couple months ago. Isn't it beautiful? She has a wonderful luminance to her skin. It's because of his subtle use of color.. he taught me to use color that way too, I remember. I was at RISD, without having had a proper art lesson in my life. He had been taking lessons since he was 12. I was so ashamed at how juvenile my work was; he sat me down with a pad of drawing paper and a box of Rembrandt pastels. "Let's draw a fleshball," he said. Easier than an actual person, you don't have to worry about the likeness. Just dealing with skintone was difficult enough. Start out with the colors you think skin is. Pink, ochre. Add the shadows, what colors do you see in them? Purples, greens, and blues. That's crazy, I thought. Shadows are gray! A semester later, during a break in critiques, my Illustration 1 professor gave us tips on how to paint skintone. He had set up the gouache and was watering it down. A brush in one hand, he lifted his other to us to ask, "What color's my skin?" It was all there, I could see the colors plainly. As if someone had outlined the different colors and was showing them to me. Purple, around the knuckles. Right underneath: green, and then blue.

* * *

Do you ever wonder about people who are just socially inconsiderate? What makes them that way? Haven't they ever been hurt by someone who was just like that? Just curious.

Sometimes I want to pick up and move-- go somewhere completely different, like maybe a quiet, small town somewhere. New England, the west coast, the south; different areas but just sticking to small towns. Do you think people are more caring, more considerate in those towns? Probably not. Maybe people are the same everywhere. You just have to surround yourselves with the right ones. You get close to anyone, you get expectations. Maybe the trick is to get close but far enough away that you're just an inch away when they accidentally take a swipe at you. Maybe.

Maybe the internet's just like that. Just close enough to send pretty packages, give words of comfort, send "good vibes" by way of electrons. Yet there's enough distance so you never see the distracted looks, missed connections-- no trampled feelings or opinions cast aside. I know this all sounds sad but I'm not trying to be that way. It's just that kind of night, I guess.


One of my Secrets is Revealed.

So I officially got permission to blog about my new part time work, yay! I work at Rare Device, a really lovely little boutique in Brooklyn. I love it so far; Rena is really wonderful to work for, the store smells good ALL the time, and I get to look at gorgeous things made by independent designers. (Don't know if you'll ever read this, Rena, but see? All good things.)

This past Wednesday was the opening of a Jill Bliss show and there'll be a reception on Saturday. Stop by the shop if you're in the area because it just smells of foresty goodness. I would totally not be surprised if some of it wafts into the street, which would be nice for all the folks admiring the works of art in the window.

Now that I've got more extra work [web site, Rare Device, commissions, etc.] I can take a step back with the jewelry making and do some more learning and practicing. I have trouble with just letting myself learn sometimes [Thanks to Alba, my freshman yr 3d prof]-- not being so concerned with the finished product. Funny thing is, occasionally when I don't worry so much about the end product is when the nicer pieces come out. Not always, just sometimes.

The weather's been so so nice! I'm a little sad that I'm missing the alumni sale @ RISD; I was able to make it last yr, since the bf was living in MA at the time. Oh well. Looking forward to some lovely photos on Megan's blog!

I leave you now with this silly photo I took one morning this week.

Oh, edit edit! I practically forgot that it's my one year blogiversary! Can ya believe it? Well I can. I haven't actually blogged all that much this year, but I'm definitely trying to fix that. With my new flickr pro account, who knows! Maybe this next year will bring new bloggy friends. All my readers probably total about 5 right now. But it's cool! This thing started semi-secret, after all.


Tuesday = Jewelry Studio Day!

Another lovely day @ the studio. Am currently practicing soldering skills-- last "semester", I went nuts just freeforming everything and experimenting loony-like. This time, I'm holding myself back a little so I can fine tune the basic techniques. Giving myself projects to do that with is helping lots, like this little raincloud pendant.

I'm also trying to find a style that's suitable to the freeform stuff I was doing-- something more finished looking. So here's another pendant I was practicing with. It's too rough still. But I like the fused bubblies. They were fun-- also learned how to make that dark dark oxidized part. Maybe I should put the bubblies on a circle. HMM. I think yes!


Rustic Earrings & Knitty Yums.

Been hammering goldfill lately to experiment, and I think I like it! It doesn't chip like I thought it might. Here're some earrings I made for a good friend~ I hope she likes them. Some rustic earrings for her new rustic weekends with her new rustic manfriend. Hehe.

Been feeling under the weather lately so I've been letting go of extra fun time crafting to get lots of good sleep-- can't afford to let this slip into full blown illness. Still, been trying to do a tiny bit of knitting because it's going to be good scarf selling season soon! Want to fill the etsy shop with mucho knits. I'm working on a skinny scarf that's made with more of that great yarn by RMDdesigns.etsy.com. Super uber duper lovely to knit, with all its colors and thick bulbous parts; it's going to make SUCH A GREAT scarf. I hope I can bring myself to give it up.. sigh. I'll tewtally post a photo of it in progress tomorrow.

----edit: here we go! phototo.----


I got a bag of chips today and they're meant to be munchies for the pt job, but I can't stop eating it. I have an itchy throat and too much hot chi- no cucumber to fight it either! My body's going to revolt- I'm going to try to hold it off with fluids. And sleep. Must get to sleep.


Goodies in the Mail

Not much new in terms of updates, but I'm trying to blog more often. That mean more tidbits! This is a lovely lovely pin by Lusterbunny. I got it on sale because it was meant to be a pendant; I'm going to cherish it always! I love the layered glazing and it's such a perfect little piece of art to carry around with me.

I also got a sweet carving of a cat by another wonderful seller on Etsy, but I'll post a photo of it later when I have one.