And the rest come in!

The remaining initial pendants have finally come in, 18 letters in all. I like lining them up next to each other; there's something childlike about the chubbiness and the font style. The combination makes me think of preschool. They'll be great for graduation gifts, I think..

Am contemplating a change in hair color, not drastic though. We'll see. ;)

I decided to do some cleanup this week and hung my own earrings up instead of having them collecting dust at the bottom of a box. That's when I noticed that they're all really similar in color and tone and sort of says a little bit about myself. What does it say? Hm. I may be creative but I still keep within what's safe? Maybe I don't push myself hard enough to get out of my comfort level. My style tends to lean towards the elegant and slightly quirky, as far as jewelry goes.

If you don't have your jewelry organized, try it. See what it says about yourself. :)


gina said...

Yay! "G"!! :D
I keep my jewelry in an old stone encrusted box with a dead butterfly in a plastic bubble on the front. My dad got it for me in Brazil. It is a crummy jewelry box. Pretty ugly actually. But I like it because my dad got it for me.
I have a silk box where I keep my "daily" jewelry. This is stuff I wear on a daily basis more often than the rest.
I want to display my earrings though! Like how you did :)

waichee said...

what a good idea. i think my jewelry says "likes to buy cheap ethnic-looking things from street children"