On today's meetings and photos.

First: there are new glasses! (Here is my best 'Laura is a dork' photo.)

So.. my accountant? Hil-arious. I'll paint a picture: grimy streets of Elmhurst, corner of under the train-bridge and 99 cent store mall. Upon arrival, I try to read multicolored awnings and get in the way of Tall Chinese Guy In A Rush. Finally find the tiny doorway, go up tinier winding staircase. I enter, peering into enormous glass cube that is the boss' office. He is on a smoke break. A couple minutes later, I am ushered in-- he is laid back, matter of fact, mob-boss personality. Pinstriped shirt, rolled up sleeves, huge jade ring.. of another era. Jenny, receptionist? accountant?, comes in with papers to sign and gets reprimanded for something, I cringe. Anyway, I show him papers, he gives me a short lesson on how to prevent getting audited.

It was fascinating.

Meeting with the insurance person was not as interesting, but who can handle two in one day?! Awaiting a quote now.
After I took a photo or two of myself with new glasses, SOMEone decided to join me.

Rena, what is UP with him? Must have gotten into my Mr. Coffee, I guess.


rena said...

full. of. sass.

gina said...

i LOVE the dork photo :D

michelle said...

What cute glasses! I love them, you make me wanna go glasses shopping, and is that new hair cut too, if so, I LIKES, if not, GOOD STYLING (the all caps means I am EXCITED), plus, how cute is that little doggie! I want one! So when r u going to visit the boy in hotlanta? hehehe