mini landscapes 006

I love how this one looks like a sparkling blue lake, edged with trees.



I had lunch with two friends at a quiet Vietnamese place yesterday. It was relatively expensive, but the serenity of the place made it worth the extra few dollars. My friends ordered the usual (pho), but I was feeling a bit adventurous and ordered number 48, the spring roll vermicelli salad. (I am so edgy and dangerous.) Afterwards, I ordered my first Vietnamese coffee; look at how cute! There was a thick layer of sweetened condensed milk at the bottom and made it oh so good.

Afterwards, I jetted over to the museum. We looked at the Durand show and then sketched outside. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! It was that way today too, although it was too warm but I think that's because the landlord hadn't shut off the heat in the store yet. Yikes.

When I left the museum, the sun was still shining so I was able to take a few mini landscape shots. I leave you with one!

mini landscapes 005


Finally, warm!

The weather I've been waiting for is finally here, so I went around the house and took photos of our bloomage.


The Anatomie Show @ Rare Device

Was a success! Lots of people came to see Lisa's work, people bought pieces, the window looks awesome, and we didn't run out of food/drink. Nice! Here's a photo of Lisa, Rena, and me at the end of the night.


An overview of this weekend.

Tonight's pizza was different and good. Perfect crust and topping, super tender chicken. We did not dig the scallions on pizza, which is odd because scallion is so good with so many other things.

Flora and folium collection is coming along swimmingly! Swimmingly!

I am grateful for friends that I can pop in on, and who offer me a beer. Or two. The conversation that follows seems so much deeper that way (and gassier, for me.)

Someone posted my lace something on stylehive. It popped up on my google alerts and made me mucho happy! Thanks for liking my melty metal.

The Lorna Simpson exhibit at the Whitney was inspiring, hauntingly beautiful, and so poignant. Encouraging in so many ways; I love that no matter what exhibit it is, whether it's photography or painting, I get inspired to take different directions in my own work. I LOVE ART. I LOVE IT I LOVE I LOOOOVE I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEE

< / crazy >


The Weather is Suck-O

Which makes me all gloomy and depressed-like. Bleargh *shake it off*. It's laundry day today, but I'm procrastinating as usual.

Too much physical labor yesterday made is super difficult to wake up in the morning to do my morning gym routine. Ran a bit late, but succeeded in dragging myself out of bed and out the door. I'm so out of shape. I guess that's the point of this whole gym thing though, huh.

I tried to rev myself up for the day by making crazy huge filigree earrings this morning. Some new stuff, probably for next year. (Trying to work a couple seasons ahead, which is so impossible; how in the world do you predict trends?!) Anyway. I looked at the pieces laid out in front of me and realized that I was making something a bit similar to a pin that used to belong to my mother. She'd let me wear it on special occasions. It was a little rooster, with layered filigree feathers that moved. At the very bottom dangled little stone drops. I'm sure the thing was worth practically nothing but it made me feel so glamorous; I loved it.

I wish I knew where it was.

On to laundry now, I guess. One last photo for today:


Optimism vs. Pessimism

mini landscapes 004


Now that that's out of my system...

Today's blessings:
Passionfruit tea. Microsoft Excel. Mimie. Cashews. My new issue of Lucky. A sunny day.


mini landscapes 003

mini landscapes 003

I like to write and I'm not terrible at it, but for some reason I find it super hard to write in this blog! Maybe it's a little bit of stage fright. I have like 3 readers though, so really-- what am I afraid of. Yeesh.

Goal setting has been really great; the newest habit I'm trying to pick up is to stop all work at 10pm and start the daily clean up [so I can begin each day with a relatively tidy workplace.]. We'll see how well that goes. Previously, I basically worked until 1 or 2 in the morning, then fell into bed immediately afterwards. Then, sleep like I'm dead but still tired the next day. All day.

SO, assuming I can pick this habit up, I'll get ready for bed earlier, then have a bit of time to wind down and as a result, I'll sleep better. Which means waking earlier and be more productive throughout the day. And since I have a definite time to stop all work, I'll spend less time putzing around the internet when I get tired. Go productivity! *pumps fists* Ya! Ya! Ya!

Ok, time for bed.