I saw this on the sidewalk last week and had to take a photo.. it looked like a little shrine. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was actually a pile of things for taking. Such a wonderful set up!

Also, R. gifted me a something from Princess Tina and I am in love. Here is where the secret party is at the store. Don't tell the boss!

Listening to David Mead right now and feeling oh so nostalgic. Longing for late-afternoon mornings, spontaneous trips to Whole Foods with a buddy. A walk to Acme Video could take all day. Green tea ice cream from Maximillian's.

Oh! That first time I was at the Brooklyn Indie Market, there were people there filming. Here's the video. When Kathy is speaking in the beginning, you can see me sitting, far away on her right.


Memorial Day Weekend

It was a busy weekend, but a nice one. Saturday was spent under a burning sun at the Brooklyn Indie Market. The day was less than ideal: it was sweltering, I didn't use sunblock, there was a parking ticket, and a poor turnout. But a good friend came, rescued me with a cooler filled with ice, bottles of water, sweet pineapple, and bought me ice cream. And there were a few customers with money to spend, so the day wasn't a total waste.

Monday was a lazy day spent in Central Park. G. brought a gingham blanket and we had magazines, music, and munchies-- Burger King style. I let my mind go blank and she watched a martial arts lesson. Can you believe hours can go by like this? The weather was so pleasant; it was perfect.

Late afternoon, a couple of new friends joined us and I reluctantly left our peaceful spot. We roamed around the area, dropped by FAO but it was closed. There was a Mr. Softee stopped on the sidewalk, so G. and I comforted ourselves with some very expensive soft serve.

Towards the end of the day, we hopped on the C and a few stops later, parted ways with our new friends. Dropped into Chelsea to have dinner with A. [Noodle soup, beer, and the sweetest mango I've ever had] and caught up.. it was really a very lovely day.



Not completely, but a little more so than I'd like. New things to show, though! Those chubby wax charms are now chubby sterling charms. They're nice and heavy, substantial, and I think would make great gifts for man, woman, child, and pet. I'm modeling mine. All of them have a trademark stamp on the back, which just thrills me.

So far, I've only got 5 letters made, 4 of them are the most common letters that women's names start with. Number 5 got booted because I wanted 'L'.

Tomorrow, I'll be at the Brooklyn Indie Market again- and pre-order is available for these monogram pendants. Yay! They will be $40 a piece.

Just hoping for good weather..


welcome to your new home, little buddies!

I do realize that this is strange and borderline obsessive. But, but. Rings!


Taking a quick break..

There's that afternoon sun again and that means a short break.

[photo credit: gina]

This weekend, we dropped by ICFF. I forgot that I had a camera for most of it and just experienced, which I guess is not a bad thing. Thoughts?
  • I get tired way too quickly.
  • The children's furniture was pretty great.
  • Never realized how into textiles I am. Ran my hands over a nubby green wool piece. "It looks like nipples," G. remarked. Also, Nama Rococo= Nice.
  • It was cool running into a classmate; he had enormous spectacles.
What I'm working on lately:
Been trying to come up with a nice monogram pendant style. Doodled for days but nothing was coming out right.. tackled the sculpting wax and I think these are going to be it. They're pretty fingerprinty, but I think when casted will look just like what I was going for- charming and handmade. Sometimes I forget that I used to sculpt; that most of my time at school was spent making little tiny hands and feet. And it was so much fun.


Thank you!

Jena at Modish wrote some really super nice things about my new collection on the blog, thank you so much!! And those of you who emailed me with kind words and praise about the work, wow. You guys.

In other bloggy news, someone wrote beautiful things in a language I don't understand-- how sweet is that!

  • "Les bijoux Prismera lancent la sublime nouvelle collection Flora and Folium. Des coupes précises, détaillées, délicates et mignonnes qui sauront mettre de l’industriel moderne dans votre tenue! De plus, le tout est créé à partir de stainless récupéré chez Recycle Steel! Encore plus génial! D’ailleurs, j’adore le logo de Prismera: simple et attirant!"

So today: an offer to be in an online shop. Some sweet blog mentions. And I scored some one of a kind resin rings by Dinosaur Designs on ebay, at a price I could afford. All in all a pretty rad day.


Decisions: Where to sell?

Hi, it's me. Pretending I'm five.

Got a haircut. Starting to be a little too scraggly and also was tired of scaring myself in the mirror every morning. A low maintenance me.

Signed up for Brooklyn Indie Market again, I'll be at one of the kiosks on 5/26. Come and play! It really was a nice market to be a part of. I did a show in Manhasset last year on June 2 & 3-- it's a two day show but am reconsidering. It's a nice place, pretty and gets a good amount of foot traffic but I'm not sure that it's the best venue for me. Decisions.

Am offish in 2 more retail locations, my contact informed me that within 5 minutes of setting my jewelry up we sold one! *cheer*

Laura's first Gocco. SO. much. fun. There was also a green sleeping hippo one but I'll take a photo of that another day. They're both signed and numbered and available for sale, so let me know if you're interested. Printed on textured paper, small and sized for standard framing.

Yesterday's weather was nuts! But today it's sunny and breezy. The afternoon sun's coming in the window, I think I'm going to bask.


Brooklyn Indie Market

The morning of the Brooklyn Indie Market, I got up super early and got there 2 hours before it began. Oops. No one was there so I parked my bum in a coffee shop across the street and waited with a croissant and tea until the first person showed up to open the tent. The photo is of a little dog that waited for his human to get her breakfast. Such a good little dog! He looked so lonely and sweet that I had to take a picture.

I had a few problems setting up-- I didn't put the 3 frames of signage away very securely so one was cracked by the time I got there. I had wanted to put lights but hadn't figured out how to clamp them to the table without shining them into people's eyes so I just went without. The table display was ok.. I'll do better next time. Picked up a faux flower at Michael's the day before, look how real looking! Hee. I used to bring real flowers but then I'd worry about crushing them and whether or not they were getting enough water. And towards the end of the day, they looked completely wilted and dead so I decided to try to go faux. Some close ups of the display: [visit my flickr to see larger photos.]

And a couple photos from the market:

I had such a great response to my flora & folium collection, was so happy about that. Am getting that up on the site asap. It was really interesting to see who was drawn to them, and it was really people of all ages and walks of life and even dudes. Made some new friends and chatted it up, so it was really a nice market to go to. Money wise, it was not bad and I'd definitely do it again.

My parents came to visit and hovered sketchily. Kind of hilarious, but cool.. they like to check out the action. G came to visit too, bought me a coffee which was very needed and appreciated. Afterwards, it was dinner @ a thai place a couple blocks down. The decor was very nice-- I adored the plastic coral that ran along the ceiling and wall. Beautiful.

This weekend, looking forward to ICFF and a web sitcom preview showing. Sweet!



Eep. Eep. Eep.
First show of the year. Trying to keep expectations low. Just want to make back the table fee, that would rock. Please love me?

I need to get snacks. And a vitamin water.

Oh yeah. Location! Corner of Smith and Union Streets, closest stop is the F train on Carroll. 11am - 7pm. I'll be inside the big tent that says 'Brooklyn Indie Market'.


Weekend Update

This past weekend was filled to the brim with show prep and biz related stuff. I went to check out 2 market locations [one in Brooklyn, one in Soho] and I'm hoping to be able to do them regularly. I made the poor choice in wearing heels while I ran around to check out the markets-- I wore them because I was giving a gallery talk that morning but I should have remembered that there was going to be a lot of walking that day. Dumb, dumb.

Just called up my laser guy to double my order for this Saturday's market and for a photo shoot. I'm so excited to have booked a photographer; I just came upon her name in a forum and thought, why not? And she happened to be available and affordable for me. I had wanted to save some money by doing this myself but right now I think it's probably best to hire someone to do it because I need to get my press kit out now! [I'm having too much trouble finding a location and I just don't have enough brain to think about doing a shoot on top of all the other things.] Otherwise there won't be enough time to get into holiday season press.. Anyway the photo is one of hers and I'm hoping that in the future I can use this model. Gorgeous!

[photo by t.s. harrington]

On the way back from the casting place today, I dropped by a Payless and found these cute and surprisingly comfortable ballet flats. They were the only pair in the store and in my size; it's how I knew it was meant to be. I had my eye on a pair of metallic brown Mia's that looked practically identical, but at less than a third of the price, these will do.

It's a gorgeous day today.


Oh Happy Package Day!

So. I'm a little behind on some things I wanted to get done today. Started to crash but am now on a little sugar rush from the gummy worms that were in a lovely package from the Boy. It was filled with practical things, like Burt's Bees, cd mixes and a variety of Disney movies from our childhood. Love love love. Here you can see a drawing he did on the card. What a cute little fatty! [click to see a larger image] Thanks, buddy. The package was lots of fun.

The photo is of the earring displays I finished today, super easy and pretty cheap. Bought large frames (something like 11 x 15 on the inside) from IKEA, chose the ones that had the deepest inset for stacking reasons. Removed the insides and placed the glass on top of foam core to use as a guide for cutting. Took some thick upholstery fabric [courtesy of Rena] and stretched it over the foam core, tape tape. Put it in the frame and you're done! Total cost was about $25 for 2 displays, holds 50 pairs of earrings. I'm going to prop them up with these wire easels I got from Michael's.

Hope that little description helps some people if they need display ideas. I'm going to sew a fabric case for them, I think. They're pretty light and sturdy and if you put the 2 frames on top of each other, earrings facing in, the jewelry inside will be protected. Slip them into a case or tie them up and they'll be easy to transport.

They'll probably be a nice way to display your jewelry at home too.. you can hang them on the wall. Maybe use pretty prints or super textured fabrics. It could be really nice!


Mini dachshunds, and what's to come.

Every day, I do this thing where I think about where I am right now and I think 'wow! look how far you've gotten!' And I'm proud of myself. But then there are an equal number of moments when I look around and I think 'oh no. this is as good as it's gonna get.' And then I feel awful. I hope that goes away soon.

I woke up this morning with a cricket in my neck. A cricket. A crick? Anyway, I'm pressing a boiled egg against it now, trying to melt it.

Those seahorse earrings are flying off the virtual shelves over at Stars.. crazy! Must be because it's gotten warmer and it'll be beach season soon. Totally not complaining. I'm making these silly little dachshund stick pins now. [Lena's Gus makes me want to have a little guy too.. he is so freeeeeaking cute.] Also some beachy themed bracelets too, all edgified. Coming soon, coming soon.

This weekend: a gallery talk. I am so unprepared, yikes. It will be on women ceramicists. I think I'll just give a brief intro to the artists and then stick with the VTS and other follow up questions. No one will care about the talk anyway because it's right outside the feminism center and everyone will want to go in there and talk about those pieces instead. But! The ceramics are so beautiful-- there is a section of Eva Zeisel's work and it's so simple and modern and lovely. Unbelievable that she's like 100 and still turning out work, amazing.

And next weekend is my first Brooklyn Indie Market, I hope it goes well! There will be special fused glass pins [just for the show] that I'm hoping will catch the light and look great on the table. Excitamundo. I had considered making pretty mobiles to hang around the booth but I haven't found an acrylic cutting place yet so I'm holding off on that.

Another mini landscape. Pretty easy to figure out what this one is of, but I was trying to get the darks to look so divided from the lights that it creates crazy pictorial space. More depth, so it becomes more than just a little patch of dirt.

mini landscapes 007

*note, for malin: the last mini landscape was of the top of a car. can you see it? the sparkles on the "lake" are actually little grains of dirt. :D