Sometimes there is that feeling that nothing could be better than being wrist deep in icy water, rinsing fresh flowering kale with the anticipation of its bittersweet flavor.

And at dusk, the coolest time of day in summer, devouring plump mulberries that leave hands streaked with crimson nectar. While water runs from a hose at my feet, momentarily forgotten.


I am 25 today.


A Birthday Celebration

Despite a little drama this morning, [which I won't divulge because it is 'teh interwebs'] today turned out to be pretty sweet. After I got some work done, I jetted over to the museum to do some preparations for my gallery talk. It's scheduled on July 7th, which I guess is a little bit away but not really! So I did some looking around and then popped on over to 5th Ave., where I visited some shops and made one tiny frivolous purchase.

After that, I went to the store and said hello. A few minutes later, friends came and swept me away to a little restaurant. A little restaurant where something crazy happened not too long ago. This time, however, everything went swimmingly and it was a nice time-- food was great, sangria was lovely, close friends.. and then at the end, ice cream!

I'm pretty beat so I'm just going to leave w/ some photos. Thanks, guys. You made a Laura happy.


And the rest come in!

The remaining initial pendants have finally come in, 18 letters in all. I like lining them up next to each other; there's something childlike about the chubbiness and the font style. The combination makes me think of preschool. They'll be great for graduation gifts, I think..

Am contemplating a change in hair color, not drastic though. We'll see. ;)

I decided to do some cleanup this week and hung my own earrings up instead of having them collecting dust at the bottom of a box. That's when I noticed that they're all really similar in color and tone and sort of says a little bit about myself. What does it say? Hm. I may be creative but I still keep within what's safe? Maybe I don't push myself hard enough to get out of my comfort level. My style tends to lean towards the elegant and slightly quirky, as far as jewelry goes.

If you don't have your jewelry organized, try it. See what it says about yourself. :)


A Late Update

Oops, I've disappeared again. This posting regularly thing is so difficult for someone with so little discipline.

Last Saturday was the goodbye dinner for my museum group-- we went to a pan-latin restaurant in Park Slope called Bogota. Excellent food and drinks, highly recommended. They boasted the best mojitos but I didn't have a chance to try. The evening started out great, it was nice to see people out of the museum. The sangrias were really nice and I was loving my steak. And then things got crazy. I'll just say it involved an underage girl, a great deal of vomiting, fainting, 6 paramedics, all inside a small space.


On Sunday, before work, I took my brother to his race in Kissena Park. It was pretty cool, the park was nice, and I enjoyed watching 70 yr old men in hot shorts pound fists.
[more photos of the race in flickr.]

In jewelry news: this Sunday, (6/17) I'm going to be in front of Rare Device w/ my whole set up + tent and also selling some RD things on sale. Come by if you're in the area, it'll be a good time-- a chunk of 7th ave.'s going to be blocked off for this crazy fair.


The Weekend: A Fair

I love Mondays. I look forward to them because 1. it's the only day I'll allow myself a break from anything-- Mondays are my Saturdays. And 2. Because that's when the Carrotbox puts pretty new things in the shop and while almost all addictions are ugly, this one is not. [Which reminds me: Alice, thanks muchly for that link on your blog. You send me enormous amounts of traffic, daily!]

This particular Monday was not that amazing because I ate way too much junk food and now I have a junk food hangover/headache. Plus it's been raining all day and we all know how I feel about that. *whine* But enough complaining about my day off [eye roll], here's what I did this weekend.

Saturday and Sunday was spent at Mary Davies Green, a little park in Manhasset, NY. It was the annual art & craft fair, which I participated in last year too. The weather was hotter than people liked, so traffic was a little low. I caught a break and got a spot in the shade, which was pretty sweet since it sent plenty of people my way. Unfortunately, this also meant that my booth got all the breeze; not great for the displays. I spent half the time chasing after jewelry in the grass after the displays were blown down and the other half holding onto them so they wouldn't fall. Standing awkwardly and running around the booth paid off though. People said I was cute and bought things; you'll hear no complaining from me. So sales wise, Saturday was really pretty good, which left me super hopeful about Sunday.

But! Sunday was terrible. After all that wind, I brought my stakes and walls and set it up so that my booth would be protected. But then it got stuffy and hot inside the tent, eep. People knew that the weather was going to be a little iffy, so most of them stayed home. Sales were okay for that day, not amazing.. especially when it started raining around 3 so it was time to pack it up, 3 hours early.

Overall though, I'm glad I did this show. The money was pretty good and it was nice to be in a park for a little change of scene. I didn't love all the feedback I got, some rude comments and shocked expressions at my prices, but I understood that that this wasn't exactly the right market for me. People were looking for italian curb chain id bracelets for cheap-- try the mall, dudes. Try the mall.

I know this all sounds sad and pessimistic, but look at the photos! They're colorful, happy and the weather looks beautiful.. so really, just ignore me. Next time, I think I'll try to remember that the people shopping will be different and bring more of the things that make them go nuts, namely bird nest necklace and earring sets.

Next show will be back to the Brooklyn Indie Market, I think. Also coming up, I'll be in front of Rare Device at a neighborhood block thing, more details coming soon.

*note: click the photos to see them larger