Quick glimpse of a Gherkin.

His hands are there for size reference!


Sharing Thrifted Love

I've started to put some of my thrifted finds in an etsy shop; I'll be putting the rest up in the next couple of days. Here's the first!

Vintage Mushroom Coaster Set

This one is by far the most charming out of all the things I found, I think! They would be so sweet on a small piece of wall.

An addition to my long distance relationship.

Our 2 became 3 last Monday. Gherkin is one active kitty! Falling in love was easy.

He is a red tabby, with longish fur although his tag read 'domestic shorthair'. His tiny paws always look a little grubby, like a well-loved plush. Still learning to meow. I couldn't believe how smart he was but the last furry friend I had was a hamster. I will post a short video clip of him, just because he is the tiniest thing.


I'm back!

It's been a full week; a good week. Last Friday, I woke up at 5am and got on a plane to see T.L.O.M.L.* I slept the entire ride. 2 hours and 20 minutes later, I groggily stumbled off the plane to meet him. We said our shy hellos, had an amazing brunch with the fam, and took off to go antique store hopping.

I have my theories about why I love antique shopping but I won't get into that right now because I am hot and sweaty from the trip back home and need a break from my break. Here are some photos of Nashville, from day 1 of the trip.

Driving along the open spaces where he grew up. Car top down, feet up on the dashboard, breathing. Hair being whipped about. The best.

"They're all real," he said. There is a tiny fawn in a glass display case, eyes glassy. Every strand of fur is in place. "Taxidermy."

Later, I look up and see the rest. There is a full grown peacock and a lion. A bobcat with a hawk in its jaws.

This store was filled with people things. History and love and family. We found an autograph book from 1940-something, filled with silly things people write to each other when in high school. Rhymes and predictions. Things like: "Can't wait til you and Billy get hitched!" This is doubtful, as 'Billy' is scribbled out on every single entry he's mentioned on.

More to come on this trip. Desperately needing shower and rest.
* The Love Of My Life.


Birthday Brother

My brother turned 24 yesterday. Here's a photo of us for the occasion-- we are in our first home in Ridgewood, Brooklyn. And it looks like he just knocked over my blocks. Watch out! I'm giving him scary eyes.


7 months.

How scary is my doll?


A new blog

I haven't yet mentioned this but it's time! I started a new blog.. it's all crafty and jewelry related like this one was supposed to be, before it became personal. Take a look! I'm going to blog about everything Prismera over there and less over here. Except for some griping maybe.

Anyway, there's a video and I'm giving away stuff. Click on over to win. :)


Last week, I received a great thank you package from something's hiding in here. Thanks so much!! I love my new tote bag- crafty entrepreneurs are so generous. The package was done up so nicely but I couldn't wait to tear it open so no photo! I'd keep an eye on these guys, they are just so so amazingly clever.

Getting the hang of it at 6 months.


July First Saturday: My Last Gallery Talk

Saturday was my last gallery talk at the museum. It was during an evening program so my audience ended up being huge!! Before the talk, we [Grace, Gina and I] sat on a gingham blanket in a shady spot outside while silly circus performers on stilts sang for children. We ate KFC and had 50 cent cokes from the bodega man down the street from the store. I read my script for the gallery talk over and over, trying to remember the sequence of everything. Was totally freaking out.

Soon it was time to go in and Gina made me take a photo next to the program displayed in the front of the museum-- as much as I complained, I'm glad she did. I did a quick run through of the talk under my breath as I speed walked through the Luce center.

At 8, people had gathered around Eleanor and I and I was wearing a mic and a fanny pack speaker, nervous as hell.

I am not an extrovert-- I like sitting at home with my computer and my internet and my little coffee and my beads and tools and things.. I like to write thank you notes to customers and tuck free gifty things inside packages. I like to go all day without saying a word sometimes and I will stare at the world outside and think a million thoughts about everything. My mind is going all the time, sometimes too fast all at once. Which is why occasionally, I skip words when I speak. I am fully aware that it sounds like English is my second language sometimes but it's just because my mind is going so fast that my mouth forgets to use words like 'is' or 'the'.

So when you put me in front of an enormous group where I have to actually speak clearly and NOT skip words like 'am' or 'it' and my goal is for people to have learned something, I am terrified! Then something happens like a cannonball-- I force my face to smile and then it turns into a real one when I remember that I'm there because I love art and you're there because maybe you do too.

In the end, I don't remember what I said at the gallery talk.

I heard it went very well, though. What a relief!

[all photos courtesy of Gina. click to zoom.]


It was a hot August back in '82

2 months old.

The past.

Click the photo to zoom

This is the oldest photo that we have of my mother's side. It was taken in 1956, in Burma, now Myanmar, where my mother was born.

All of the four children that my grandparents had didn't make it past being infants. They finally gave up on having children and decided to adopt and she is the one standing in the middle. A couple of years later, they had another child and she lived long enough to learn how to speak. It was then that my very religious grandmother came up with the idea to have their child call her father 'uncle' instead, to confuse the spirits that were taking their children away. This was upheld for the rest of my grandfather's life. (As a child, this confused me a little. But not a great deal, because my father called his own biological father 'uncle' as well. But for a different reason, which I'm sure I'll get to when I start archiving his childhood photos.)

And then they were able to have another kid, the little boy in my grandmother's lap. But wait! That's not a little boy, that's my mom. They just made her up like a little boy to make the family photo look a little more complete.

One little detail that I love-- my mother's family was very poor so this was probably taken in their best clothing (maybe even some borrowed articles) and all the jewelry they owned. I mention jewelry because you can see my eldest aunt standing like a perfect little statue with her wrist turned so the camera could catch the glint of a ring on her little hand.


I was a sleepy one.

This is me at 1 month old. I still sleep that way.

Happy independence day, everyone! I feel lucky to be here, no matter how much everyone complains.



I've taken on the job of archiving the family photos digitally, which has been nice. I'll be posting photos of myself growing up and the occasional relative photo. Here is me at 2 weeks old.

What I really want to know is what my mom did with that shirt!


A Good Week

Am feeling lightheaded and funny in the stomach. Probably due to the fact that I accidentally skipped lunch. But things are more than great, can you believe it? It's been an amazing week for Prismera Design.

Also: was mentioned on Something New, Something Old and a short little blurb about Stars and Infinite Darkness got a mention for me on Newsday.com.

Note to self: use this week to keep motivated all the way through to the holiday season!

One last thing: lately, have been completely smitten with Rene Lalique's jewelry. Art nouveau makes me want to dance and sing. Luckily [for you? for me?], I have had much practice in self restraint.

But seriously, you know how that little part of your insides just explodes and makes your ears hum when you see a piece of art work that gets you? Yeah you know what I'm saying. Where you close the book, just to open it right after, to see it again for the first time.