I have turned into a soggy, achy, needy child under layers of germy wool. You will find me in front of the television, desiring soup and lobbing wads of tissue at passerby. Avoid me if you know what's good for you.


October mums and s'more.

I woke up this morning feeling dewy and new, for the first time in so long. Getting enough sleep and staying hydrated really fixes a person.

As for orders, I'm slowly making my way through them, just plugging away. My desk is clear for the first time in weeks! Been trying to keep an eye on the months so that I'll be ready for the new year with new collections but time is disappearing fast. Despite feeling pressed for time, I'm still allowing myself to enjoy tiny luxuries such as these.

Now I'm off for more shipping. Have a happy weekend!



I miss my crazy little guy. And my crazy big guy.


Everything is okay.

It was so dumb because I was being so careful. I had never driven so far on my own and I believed I could do it! There was so much traffic so I thought that it would be no problem, I would just creep along and get there eventually. And then someone who was going too fast couldn't stop in time.

I was only 10 minutes away from the party! 10 minutes away from a hot meal and happy friends.

Next was getting stuck on the Cross Bronx Expressway, for the next 5+ hours, waiting for the police so the car can be towed. It rained. I was cold, wet, and hungry. My phone dies. I hold on to the seat because the bridge moves; Lars says that bridges give so that they stay up, but I didn't know that and am terrified. I get out of the car because I am afraid the car will roll off the bridge, then get back in because what if the fuel tank explodes and throws metal at me? Maybe that's crazy but I don't know anything about cars. I get out, get in, get out. People drive by and yell things. Faces are pressed up against their windows, slowing as they pass by, staring. I pray for the police to come.

I know, it's over. But not really over. All weekend: calling insurance, calling this and that department. Needing a secondary tow. Paperwork. Follow ups. Police report. Yuck yuck yuck.

When I wake up each morning and my mind has forgotten a little bit of the scary, I am grateful. I can see friends that are good to me-- one running out of her party to rescue me and another came to my home and healed me with coffee and conversation. And of course there is family. So everything is okay.



I found a wrinkle. I'm 25. Un. Believable.

Shelled out thousands of dollars worth of laser cutting. Stared at my tray of stainless steel and realize: I do not have enough. #%@$*!!!!

I cannot wait to unwind tomorrow. Taking a nice little trip to New Jersey. Bringing a cake. Making a stew. I don't need to go far for some anticontext.


What's going on

A year later, are we back to that.

Snowflake Obsidian Tassel Earring

Yesterday: Watching acupuncture being administered to a friend suffering from insomnia. A Korean spicy tofu lunch. Roaming a surprisingly cute Kew Gardens neighborhood. Sharing a slice of chocolate cake.

Results from a magazine ad are rolling in; some actually work after all! Beginning to rehaul website. Scary to write a check so big but very excited to see the results.


He has a mind of his own, you know.

Sian and Ollie came to see me last Sunday. A few minutes later, it was time to go but Ollie had other ideas.


On today's meetings and photos.

First: there are new glasses! (Here is my best 'Laura is a dork' photo.)

So.. my accountant? Hil-arious. I'll paint a picture: grimy streets of Elmhurst, corner of under the train-bridge and 99 cent store mall. Upon arrival, I try to read multicolored awnings and get in the way of Tall Chinese Guy In A Rush. Finally find the tiny doorway, go up tinier winding staircase. I enter, peering into enormous glass cube that is the boss' office. He is on a smoke break. A couple minutes later, I am ushered in-- he is laid back, matter of fact, mob-boss personality. Pinstriped shirt, rolled up sleeves, huge jade ring.. of another era. Jenny, receptionist? accountant?, comes in with papers to sign and gets reprimanded for something, I cringe. Anyway, I show him papers, he gives me a short lesson on how to prevent getting audited.

It was fascinating.

Meeting with the insurance person was not as interesting, but who can handle two in one day?! Awaiting a quote now.
After I took a photo or two of myself with new glasses, SOMEone decided to join me.

Rena, what is UP with him? Must have gotten into my Mr. Coffee, I guess.


More on what's happening

Just trying to prolong the goodness. I never draw freckles, mostly because I don't have them. But I find them charming so here is a freckled redhead. I am liking the way the light is hitting her face and hope I can keep it up.. creativity is such a slippery little thing.

Meetings with accountant and State Farm agent tomorrow. Am needing tax help and some sort of product liability policy. Maybe the day will end well, with happy new glasses on my face.



Today was a wonderful day.

I painted,
made beautiful things,
and someone believed in my work so much so that she bought out practically all I had on hand for her shop.

My laser guy is going to be so pleased.. I need to give him a call tomorrow.