Stumbling around the web

I'm sure I am the very last person who has started to use Stumbleupon. For the last couple months, I've noticed about a hundred percent increase on my jewelry site hits and the bulk of it was coming from Stumbleupon sites.

I finally got around to checking it out and I love it. They show me sites I totally dig and I don't do a damn thing. How great is that?!? I'm going to share the sites I've stumbled upon (hee.) a little bit at a time as not to overwhelm. The first is this (Sian, this one is for you.):

You're not going to believe it, but this is an acorn mp3 player. A 1 GB mp3 player.

+ + +

My buddy shared a video with me today; a classmate of ours from RISD has a band called Yeasayer and was on Conan. I really loved this song surprisingly, because it's not what I usually listen to.

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L-- said...

to hear their studio singles for free, go to www.yeasayer.net

i like that acorn mp3 player. haha...