Goodbye, Rare Device Brooklyn.

goodbye rare device brooklyn

This weekend I said goodbye to Rare Device, Brooklyn. I have had a wonderful time working there these past couple years. Rena-- I've said this before and I'll say it again; you were such a pleasure to work for. You are all sorts of amazing. I am so grateful for all the experience I've gained from being a part of almost every aspect behind the scenes, and for everything that has happened for my business as a direct result of being in the radius of that beautiful shop.


Rare Device
Taken a couple weeks after I started working at RDNY.

Vases by Joanna Mendicino.

I have shared the stories of the many designers that we were representing. Described the incredible craftsmanship and methods that were used to create each piece. I have helped people find the perfect, unique gift for so many occasions and some that were for no occasion at all. Listened to countless profiles of friends (She's girly, but also wears alot of minimal. You know what I mean?) and celebrated weddings, birthdays and graduations with people I hardly knew.

And I have loved every minute of it.

goodbye rare device brooklyn
Closing up. Zeis is being her handywoman self and removing anchors from the wall.

Like so much else in life, things have to change; I am happy to see that Rare Device San Francisco, as well as the webshop, has continued to grow and flourish. I believe in the integrity of RD. (And totally check for new products online, all the time.) So although I can't hold the objects that are a coast away in my hands, I know that each and every item is special. I can't wait to visit the SF store and see EVERYTHING. It thrills the socks off me knowing that there is also a gallery section there, curated by Lisa Congdon. (There are tentative plans for a little trip for me in the works, possible during the opening of Julia Rothman and Caitlin Keegan's show. Excite!!! Plus there is a sweet Mia dog to hug and an old guinea pig to annoy.)

goodbye rare device brooklyn
Most of the Rare Device Brooklyn shop girls-- Laura Z., Stephanie, and Rena (with Mollie Dash and friend).

Rare Device Brooklyn! I love you and will miss you. You were awesome.

Gorgeous autumn day at Rare Device


Kathleen said...

Sad. I only got to visit RD Bklyn once, but it was such a great shop! I still have my fokus fabric bag I bought there with giant pink numbers on it...was just about to break it out again for spring:)
Can't wait to visit RD SF...hoping to make it for Cait & Julia's show too.

L-- said...

aw...your photos made ME nostalgic! ._.

sian said...

sweet post. almost made me tear up:*(

mi2 said...

awww.... thanks for sharing... I know it means a lot to you! =(

I hope to see you soon in SF! ^_^


rena said...

dude. you are the BEST FOREVER and i am going to make you visit me and then i'm going to kidnap you. sorry Lars!! xoxoxxoxoxoxo

Marissa L. Swinghammer said...