RISD Alumni Sale recap

We had our snacks ready: goobers and sour patch. We had dumplings and turkey chedder wraps. Juice boxes, water. Both of us had printed out directions and had placed them in the order in which we would need them. Ipods and magazines. We were totally prepared.

The drive went fairly quickly and despite the weather, was not as long as Gina and I had expected. There wasn't much traffic until we were in Rhode Island and even that was just for a bit.

And there was RISD, just like we left it.

With a couple of changes.

the new library the new library the pit, upgraded

After roaming Thayer Street, a Kabob and Curry dinner and dessert at the Creperie, we were pretty beat and got ourselves to the Ramada in Seekonk.

+ + +

Early next morning was the RISD Alumni Spring Sale. The turnout was huge; so much more than I had expected! We learned that we were not quite as prepared as originally thought because the weather was FREEZING and we were caught in our springtime clothing. Thank God for Gina, who ran back and forth to the food court and provided me with hot water the entire time and soup. An amazing friend, that Gina.

at the risd spring sale
It was an amazing show despite the cold, grey, and the misting. I finally met Megan (MEGillustrations) who was so sweet and supportive!! She has been an inspiration to me for years and seeing her was full of awesome. Kathleen Losche (of cake & pie) also stopped by to say hello and that was also SO cool because I have been reading her blog for a while. And this is also where it gets wild: Kathleen's roommate at RISD was Caitlin Keegan, who is Sian Keegan's sister (who I worked with at Rare Device Brooklyn and makes CUTE fabric veggies and dogs), who has the funniest wiener dog in the world named Ollie. Ollie's brother, Gus, belongs to Lena Corwin, who I met at a Rare Device show, I think for Deadly Squire (also RISD alumni!). *brain explodes*

Moving on to more totally sweet jewelry networkingks.

A cool blond with rad glasses was looking at my work and being totally sweet when I saw her rings, which I loved and recognized as by Ananda Khalsa. So I was all hey you have rings by-- and she was all-- oh yeah I make these, and then I was like WHAT NO WAY I THINK YOUR WORK IS AWESOME and she said a bunch of nice things that I don't remember because I got all blushy and bashful and my mind ran away.

Teh interwebs ROCKS!

the drive to winthrop, MA jo's was a warm place sweet poopy dog

After the show was over, it was time to head over to Winthrop, MA. We drove through a small seaside town and was welcomed into Joanna's warm and lovely home, where I had the best Chinese takeout of my life and cuddled with two fluffy Maltese dogs while watching 27 Dresses. I fell asleep wrapped in flannel sheets, to the sound of waves crashing outside. It was nice.

The next day, after a huge brunch with AMAZING french toast, we were off. Since Providence was on the way back, we decided to drop back in. The sun was out for the first time that weekend and so we took an hour to soak in the RISD.

And then it was time to leave.



sulu-design said...

I had to laugh at your "my brain explodes" comment. Blogging connections often leave me with that feeling - what a crazy web this forum weaves!

Kimberly said...

RISD does look the same...and it's nice to see it again in your pics (since I haven't been back in years). Hope the sale was successful for you!

Logan Lo said...

Wow, you've been posting a lot - I've gotta catch up.

You and G seem to have so much fun together.