A Gift from Tiffany

Yesterday was a rough day but a couple of things brightened it up-- first: a kind and eloquent stranger stopped me from dragging tables on an enormous piece of cardboard across an ikea parking lot and said "allow me to be chivalrous." I scuttled over to the car as fast as I could, holding his 2 for $1 cinnamon buns and in my anxious state, handed them back to him slightly flattened.

And second: a package arrived at my doorstep and totally made my day. Thank you so much, Tiffany!! The craftsmanship is wonderful-- the pleat just thrills me to death. You are an incredible seamstress!!! I feel so lucky to have been gifted this.. it is officially my summer dress of '08.

a photo of me, totally psyched about my new dress

More photos of the dress on my flickr.

Tomorrow is Renegade NY-- 11am to 7pm. I am 70% ready. Eek. I hope to see you there!!

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sulu-design said...

What a gorgeous gift from a generous friend! I hope Renegade went well for you.