San Francisco: Day 1

It's pretty late but I couldn't go without posting something from my first day in San Francisco! I am crashing at Rena and Derek (and Mia and Lulu)'s pad. I have missed the sweet dog and will post this silly photo of us this morning even though it's not the most flattering.

taken just after waking upi love this rugmia face

Spent the day roaming the south part of SF; there are so many thrift shops and cute boutiques/galleries and I had so much fun browsing. Just photos up ahead because I'm about to fall over from exhaustion.


the curiosity shoppe

826 valencia

little otsulittle otsu

the candy store


owls in a windowpaxton gate

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mi2 said...

Hey ya,

Welcome to SF! Seems like you are already enjoying yourself here...wish I can stroll with you...but I still have so much to prep for this weekend at Renegade! =P See you on Sunday! ^_^