Really lovely, simple pieces by Etsy seller Paloma's Nest. I'd love to use this as an every jewelry dish. Pottery.. just another thing I want to learn.

It's easy for me to get distracted but I've resolved to try my best to stick with jewelry. Maybe some way to combine the two? ;)

If you remember a post a while ago about experimenting with an alternate jewelry making material, you might have an inkling about a new collection that is in its very beginning stages. (After my bronze goodness comes out, which I hope is soon but I have been running into some major technical difficulties. My trouble is not my hosting company OR my ISP so who knows. All day, on the phone with customer service.)

Keeping my sights set on the bigger picture. And breathe.



Who is responsible for this?!


Little Hearts.

A sweet little thing-- I'm only carrying it until the end of February. All sterling silver with pale blue aquamarine accents.


Who's ready for spring?

Ooh, me.


Shara Porter

New Shara Porter wallets at Rare Device. I really, really, really love them.


Custom Orders

Sometimes custom projects are a pain, but most of the time it's pretty gratifying. I mean, you get to give someone a piece of work that they've always wanted. The best end result, though, is when the client knows that you are not just a laborer but a skilled creative person. They acknowledge that you, the designer, could have some ideas on best to complete the piece. The best clients share their goals, give direction, but are open to hearing suggestions. The work really stands on its own when it's honestly collaborative.

I say all this because I had an A+++ client recently. She knew what she wanted, saw my work as a whole, liked the style and hired me. She didn't hire me because I could make a laser cut piece-- there are manufacturers who you can contact to do that sort of thing. The whole process was so easy and painless, she was patient and sweet and paid on time. Basically the perfect client!

I never thought to do a ginkgo leaf because there are many people who use this motif in their jewelry designs. I was open to the challenge though, of creating one that looked different from the usual fan shaped leaf on a stem.

The photo's a little grungy but you get the idea. :)

Stainless steel leaf on 18" sterling silver chain.


Productiveness feels GREAT.

I am finally finished with the new jewelry collection and all that's left to do is to ship the pieces to be photographed on models. I'll give you a tiny peek of one of the photos that I did. I hope people love these too.. I won't wish for the same response as Flora because that would just be too much.

It's a tiny collection, only 5 pieces. After working with stainless steel for so long, it felt really nice to work with another metal and bronze has such a beautiful raw quality to it. I was going to plate these in 18 k gold but after I finished texturing these, I didn't feel like they needed the upgrade. They will oxidize and develop a patina with time but much more slowly and less so than brass or silver.

I'm not sure when the collection will be ready for purchase but it will be soon, I hope!

+ + +

The last thing I wanted to share was this adorable video which I found via Modish. Georges is a boy who likes to make things-- in this video, he teaches how to make a paper box. How great is this kid?!


A little window shopping.

I never look at the Urban catalog that comes in the mail but I just decided to flip through this time and saw this sweet camera bag. After getting hooked on this style, I came upon this vintage Dooney & Bourke.

I think they would be great for when spring comes around and everyone just want to carry as little as possible. It is freezing these days; I am so ready for the next season to come.

+ + +

I've been having trouble sleeping because my schedule is flipped around again (you'll notice last night's post was at around 3:30 am). I thought I'd try the calming tea that Lars bought me.. and it actually works.

As a matter of fact, I'm ready to crash right now.


Saturday Festivities

Location: The Gallery Bar
At the end of the day, she's a good egg. Happy birthday, homie. Wishing you good health, happiness, and many more years of.. well, this:


Technical Problem.

I did this while on hold with the Apple guy. Yesterday and today were pretty much just the most frustrating days ever; for a moment there I thought it was time for a new computer. When I was finally just about to lose my mind, I quit all programs and put on Mozart. Whipped out my practice yarn and learned how to cable knit until my brain unclenched.

After James, Kenneth, Terrence, David, Ron, and 5 other tech support d00dz, it was Travis who got me to take a pin and stick it in the reset button of my router. Can you believe it?

It's kinda nice to know that there are some caring individuals in customer service still out there though. David is going to call me tomorrow morning to check up and make sure everything is okay. I think I'm going to send his wife a necklace. (She's a news reporter.. they are from Saskatchewan.)


A Visitor.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of sun to pick you right up. Meet Captain Snailien.

Get it? Snail-alien? Snail-ien..? Sna.. Nevermind.


Currently: Taking Fluids

I'm having a hell of a time getting back into the swing of things. Seasonal depression? Whatever it is, I've got to shake it off.



This morning.

I know, I've got no blogging etiquette. Disappeared without a word; who does that?! I'm back now though, refreshed. The break was really nice. Needed it so much.

Now it's business as usual. I'm working on a custom ginkgo necklace, a new collection, a tiny home line, a website for a new client, and just for fun, a secret art project.

Last Sunday was shabu shabu and catch up with old friends. I can't believe that was almost a week ago-- this week really flew by. It was so good to see you two.

Rena came back this week and we hit a trade show. She brought me a gift; a beautiful set of limited edition letterpress prints by Lena Corwin and Port2Port. It was so nice to have her back in the shop, even for just a day. I've missed you, homie. After closing, we had dinner with some Brooklyn ladies. I am still thinking about the fish I had that night. Someone please go with me again, I want to try that chicken that Grace was having.

+ + + + +

I read today that to make a burger and fries takes about a swimming pool amount of water. It made me hmm a little.

Welcome back to the random.