Out of the tumbler.

process photo
Just a process photo tonight. You'll see there's a custom piece amongst the usuals; one of my favorite commissions thus far.


French Ultramarine

The weather is gorgeous in NY these days. Yesterday, enormous rolls of industrial wool felt arrived. It is surprisingly soft to the touch; ideas are blooming!

It looks as though this will be the last watercolor for a while. Too many projects in the works to do more for now. Enjoy. :)

french ultramarine


The Yellow Dress

A continuation of the love affair with Winsor Yellow Deep. I did the previous painting and then I decided I hadn't had enough of the color so I quickly did this one.

more winsor yellow deep

At this point I start to enjoy the slight smiles on their little white faces. Stay tuned tomorrow for one more painting. Will it be the last? I don't know yet but they sure are fun to do.


Winsor Yellow Deep

watercolor, pencil.

It was all about watercolor on Sunday. Taking a break from the usual. This is first in a series of 3, hopefully more if that particular creative rush hasn't run out. At this point I have a nice little grouping of watercolor girls in a similar style-- I think maybe a nice coffee table portfolio might be something to do soon.


I <3 Boston!

My first newspaper press! And in the Boston Globe! Thank you, Holly of Decor8! And thanks to all the people who were so excited for me and bought copies of the paper and showed their support!! Also to my brother who picked up a copy for me. Look, there I am!!

I'm all exclamations today but I don't care. YAY!


Self portrait: The Freckle

The freckle that I hated as a child. I used to try to pick it off and then one day someone at school told me that picking at it would cause cancer. And if I had to choose between this thing and a tumor growing out of my face, I choose this.


Dear FutureMe,

I came upon this website where you can write an email to yourself-- to be received in the future. How awesome is that? A time capsule for the digital age.

Pretty sure I'm going to do it but I think I'll need some time to mull over what I would say.

I suppose it could also be used to email someone in the future. You know that feeling you get when you find a letter that someone had written to you years ago?

What a lovely gift that would be.


I love jewelry, but..

I am so excited to be designing something else. Don't get me wrong-- ever since I discovered jewelry design, life has been super shiny. But getting the chance to design something that utilizes a bit more of my educational background has been so much fun.

(This is the final product mentioned in an earlier post.)

And they are finished! They are flat note cards in colorful patterns made up of sea life motifs. (Eco-friendly of course!) Hopefully they make you happy to look at. Totally for sale, just click on the image.

I have been holding them and squealing all weekend. Folks, this is the life of an independent designer.

+ + +
edit: I totally did not realize but I inadvertently copied Michelle's photo styling here. Michelle! I am sorry. Eep.


Flashback Friday: First Grade

Click to zoom.

I had a blast in first grade. I don't actually remember much of it but I seem to recall a class hamster and tons of coloring. Eeny meeny miney moe. Where's Laura?



Sunny day inspiration continues.

I have always been an awful seamstress. Sewing is not a craft that I've ever been successful at-- there is a pile of half finished projects at the bottom of my closet. A couple months ago I tried to restructure a couple of sweaters and failed oh so miserably and vowed never to sew again. Leave it to the professionals, I said. (Never take me seriously when I say stuff like that.)

Something I realized after this project: amateur sewers, heavy fabrics are your friend. They stay in place with minimal effort so you can focus on sewing a straight(ish) line. I cheered every time I finished a stitch. It hits at the hip, tunic length. I added a tiny stitched pleat detail for structural interest. The color is a sort of cornmeal. I am still in disbelief that I made something that I will actually wear and that it only took me 30 minutes. I couldn't wait to photo it so I skipped the ironing, hee.

It's got it problems for sure, there are some squiggly stitch lines and puckering, but I like to think it adds to the charm of a handmade piece. I am seriously chuffed!


A good work week.

The weather has been just perfect lately. Sunny clear skies make everything seem rosier. I am wearing a new-to-me wool shirt in the photo. It belonged to my mother. I always thought I loved all vintage but I think there is something extra special in mommy vintage.

I look a little sad there too but it's actually just pre-morning coffee laura.

There were a few happy things in my inbox today from customers that were encouraging and wonderful. It's weeks like these that make me believe it's all going to work out.


This past weekend.

It was a really nice one for me-- I don't usually spend it doing much else other than working but I got a chance to catch up with some friends and it was just what I needed. Mondays are always so much more productive when the weekend is restful.

Sunday was daylight savings and I hate losing the extra hour of sleep but having the sun stay out longer makes it so worth it. I am starting to slack with the photos and the posting but I hope nicer days will inspire me to do it more often.

Today's highlight was having a slice of leftover chocolate chip cake from my dinner (with very pleasant company) at Alice's Teacup. It went perfectly with coffee that had come all the way from Winthrop, Mass; a gift from my favorite seaside dweller. I must say this: I am a pretty lucky girl.

(The photo is one that I ended up using for my website. This is the uncropped version. It was taken last week; the day before the torrential rains that lasted for two whole days. I love all the cumulus nimbus!)


New collection is finally here!

And a whole shiny new website. Hooray hooray!! Please come by, I would love for you to visit.


Bits and pieces.

Today: A very nice conversation with my new green printer. Yes! Eco-friendly paper products in the near future.

I set up google analytics for this blog and it looks like I have readers from all over the world. Poland even! Hi Poland!

New site going live this week. Very excited about it but also anxious about some cart troubles.

Got in touch with a high school classmate this week. It was really nice, really pleasant.

Grey is so hot these days but people still love a punch of color in their jewelry, especially for warmer weather. This is a sweet blend of the two trends. Also: giraffes are cool.


Flashback Friday: More 1984?

My mother tells me this photo is from 1984 but I look like I got big lots that year. Remember my scary scary doll?