No Time to Waste

I had to get over yesterday morning's little hiccup quick because Saturday is coming up fast and there is plenty to be done.

dead things can be pretty

Although there is always enough time to take a photo of pretty dead things on the windowsill though. Probably should have used the time to toss them in the trash.

I'm not sure if I've posted about the details for Saturday's show yet but here they are:
RISD Alumni Spring Art Sale, May 3, 2008-- 10am - 4pm, rain or shine, on Benefit Street in Providence, RI. between Waterman and Hopkins Streets.

new displays more show prep

Stop by and say "hello, I read your blog!" I'm at table 45. It will be awkward but I will be pleased as hell and will have a tiny gift for you, maybe maybe.


It was an angry morning.

After a rainy drive, I found the test site and was the second person in because I arrived 40 minutes early. The handwritten sign by the door told me that it was no longer necessary to arrive early as of March 8th or some such date. The elderly gentleman nervously told me that I was not on the registration list. I was not on the list. WTF, real estate school?!! I was on the phone with you when you were registering me. I heard you DO IT.

I hate you stupid back up plan.


A break from studying

Some work in progress for the RISD sale this weekend.

in progress: show prep
I love bronze so much. They have the most wonderful looking patinas. There are three more designs in this box that will be added to the succulent collection: a large cuff bracelet and a couple pairs of bulby earrings. The additions will happen next week.
Also new: a free pair of sterling silver earrings with every jewelry purchase. Ends Mother's day (May 11, 2008).

free gift with purchase



5 more days til the test. 8 days til the show. This calls for a calming photo.

Mobile by Leah Pellegrini.

I like to wear uniforms. This one is mine.


Okay, back to hittin' the books!


Natural Historie

It is totally unacceptable that I received this beautiful necklace in a swap weeks ago and haven't blogged to share my joy yet. For reals, what is my deal.

natural historie

Jenny Vorwaller is the creative force behind Natural Historie. I love visiting her site (it's like going to a whole other country!) and I'm also excited to see this new polaroid book she is a part of.

Thank you, Jenny. I am enjoying this little slice of earth so much.


T. S. Harrington

Tanya is a wonderful, incredibly talented photographer. Here are some of my favorites from the latest shoot she did for me; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

blue spruce necklace

rosemary earring

There is such a lovely delicate quality to these photos. Click on them to zoom.

dogwood earring geranium necklace

kalinda necklace

titanopsis necklace mimosa earring

hopewell necklace

sedum necklace

If you are looking for a photographer to do model shots, I highly recommend her!!

Opening up.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to go ahead and tag all my entries on this blog and it made me realize that I have been blogging here (albeit inconsistently) since October 2005.

Crazy, huh.

Reading through the entries reminded me of a time when I was a teenager and I found a journal I had kept for about a year, as a kid. I was so embarrassed with the style of writing that I decided that it wasn't worth keeping and tore out all the pages. It felt a little bit the same as I was going through my earlier entries but I resisted deleting or editing because in a couple of years I'll be glad I didn't.

My milkglass collection.

Jenny (of Wiksten fame) wrote me the sweetest email a while back when she found my blog. It was filled with complimentary things that I'm not sure I deserved. But what struck me the most was that she said I spoke honestly. I didn't really know what she meant at the time but I think I do now. I realize that I write differently now though because I know people are reading.

I want to get back to that sort of openness. Starting now, I suppose!

I am having a hard time this week. In addition to the adjustment I've got to make because Lars is back in Atlanta, there is a bunch of stuff coming up-- I am taking a real estate licensing exam next week. My business is doing really well so I haven't been studying like I should. If I could rely on only the income from my business, that would be wonderful. But it's not quite there yet and although I do feel like it will get there soon, my mom has convinced me that this is a good back up plan to have. Maybe I'm losing my idealism a bit and just let myself get caught up in the practicality of the whole thing. It is probably smart to do. There is still a bit of an internal struggle there though.

gold plated samples
Samples of stainless steel plated with 14k gold. Satin finish.

The other stuff that's coming up is the RISD sale. Gina and I will be taking a little road trip; it's going to be so nice to be back in Providence. Praying for good weather. Meanwhile I am churning out stuff. There are some last minute designs that I'm waiting for from the caster. It was actually finished a couple weeks ago but I hadn't followed up properly so I just found out that they were done-- they were calling the wrong number so I hadn't gotten any messages.

More problems: ordering labels. PMS 185 is red. A slight typo on their part made it PMS 183, which is pink. I have 1000 pink labels. I hate it when this sort of thing happens because I can't use them but it is such a waste to throw them away.

In good news, I received several wood blocks that I ordered from a boat builder on etsy. They are cedar, which was fairly lightweight and inexpensive, but stained to look like teak. I am so excited about using these to display my new things. Every show is an opportunity to make things look a little more pro.

I also got photos in by my wonderful photographer, T.S. Harrington. I'll do a dedicated post tomorrow because her work just blows me away. Mucho props to Leah, the model too! I love her enigmatic expressions.

Lastly, I did a little change in design on the blog. It's spring and I need a fresh start!


Moments from Lars' Trip

vosges.  z cracker.  piave.

The highlight: a tiny picnic at Central Park on a sunny day. Vosges (deep milk chocolate with salty applewood bacon), piave cheese and rosemary/red onion crackers. Riesling. So good.

walking more central park

a door in dumbo

More to see at my flickr.


Stopping in to say hello

I have been gone this week because one of my favorite human beings is in town for a visit. Maybe in a month or two, he will be in town permanently? Until then, just enjoying these brief moments will have to be enough.

the reason i have disappeared

Be back on Monday.

(Happy birthday, Logan!)


Flashback Friday: Fundevogel

Instead of sharing a photo this week, here is a story from one of my favorites books I owned as a kid, Grimm's Fairy Tales from the Illustrated Junior Library. We didn't own many books-- my mom took us to the library instead-- so the few we owned were precious to me.

This is a very strange story but I sorta love it. Enjoy.



There was once a forester who went into the woods to hunt, and he heard a cry like that of a little child. He followed the sound and at last came to a big tree where a tiny child was sitting high up on one of the top branches. The mother had gone to sleep under the tree, and a bird of prey, seeing the child on her lap, had flown down and carried it off in its beak to the top of the tree.

The forester climbed the tree and brought down the child, thinking to himself, "I will take it home, and bring it up with my own little Lina."

So he took it home, and the two children were brought up together. The foundling was called Fundevogel, because it had been found by a bird. Fundevogel and Lina were so fond of each other that they could not bear to be out of each other's sight.

Now the forester had an old cook, who one evening took two pails and began carrying water. She did not go once but many times, backwards and forwards to the well.

Lina saw this and said, "Dear me, Sanna, why are you carrying so much water?"

"If you will not tell anyone, I will tell you why."

Lina said no, she would not tell anyone.

So then the cook said, "Tomorrow morning early, when the forester goes out hunting, I am going to boil the water. And when it bubbles in the kettle, I am going to throw Fundevogel into it and boil him."

Next morning the forester got up very early and went out hunting, leaving the children still in bed.

Then said Lina to Fundevogel, "Never forsake me, and I will never forsake you."

And Fundevogel answered, "I will never forsake you."

Then Lina said, "I must tell you now. Old Sanna brought in so many pails of water last night that I asked her what she was doing. She said if I would not tell anybody she would tell me what it was for. So I promised not to tell anybody, and she said that in the morning, when our father had gone out hunting, she would fill the kettle, and when it was boiling she would throw you into it and boil you. Now we must get up quickly, dress ourselves, and run away."

So the children got up, dressed quickly, and left the house.

When the water boiled, the cook went to their bedroom to fetch Fundevogel to throw him into it. But when she entered the room and went to the bed, both the children were gone. She was terribly frightened and said to herself, "Whatever am I to say to the forester when he comes home and finds the children gone? We must hurry after them and get them back." So the cook dispatched three menservants to catch up with the children and bring them back.

The children were sitting near a wood, and when they saw the three men a great way off, Lina said to Fundevogel, "Do not forsake me, and I will never forsake you."

And Fundevogel answered, "I will never forsake you and long as I live."

Then Lina said, "You must turn into a rosebush, and I will be a rosebud upon it."

When the three men reached the wood, they found nothing but a rosebush with one rosebud on it. No children were to be seen. They said to each other, "There is nothing to be done here."

So they went home and told the cook that they had seen nothing whatever but a rosebush with one rosebud on it.

The old cook scolded them and said, "You boobies, you ought to have hacked the rosebush to pieces, broken off the bud and brought it home to me. Off with you at once and do it." So they had to start off again on their search.

But the children saw them a long way off and Lina said to Fundevogel, "Do not forsake me, and I will never forsake you."

Fundevogel said, "I will never forsake you as long as I live."

Then said Lina, "You must become a church, and I will be the chandelier in it."

Now when the three men came up they found nothing but a church with a chandelier in it. And they said to each other, "What are we to do here? We had better go home again."

When they reached the house, the cook asked if they had not found anything. They said, "Nothing but a church with a chandelier in it."

"You fools!" screamed the cook. "Why did you not destroy the church and bring me the chandelier?" Then the old cook put her best foot foremost and started herself with the three men in pursuit of the children.

But the children saw the three men in the distance, and the old cook waddling behind them. Then said Lina, "Fundevogel, do not forsake me, and I will never forsake you."

And he said, "I will never forsake you as long as I live."

Lina said, "You must become a pond, and I will be the duck swimming upon it."

When the cook reached the pond, she lay down beside it to drink it up, but the duck swam quickly forward, seized her head with his bill, and dragged her under water. So the old witch was drowned.

Then the children went home together as happy as possible, and if they are not dead yet, then they are still alive.


A Morning in Photos






Smock/Apron Tutorial.. ish.

smock in action

Intro: The following isn't exactly a tutorial. If you like this project and want to try it on your own, I've included photos of the process-- it's all pretty straightforward and I did this in about an hour. It's a nice project if you have just a bit of cute upholstery or just some heavy fabric that isn't enough to do anything else with. I plan to use this as my work apron and will probably make another one out of nicer fabric to use at shows because the pockets are at the perfect height for whatever you need at hand.

step 1
1: Using a dress as a guideline, I cut this first piece out. (It is about 25" from top to bottom.)

step 2
2: I then cut 2 pieces for the straps (3" wide) and 2 larger rectangular pieces for the pockets and the back.

step 3
3. I attached the straps and hemmed (proper term?) the whole piece.

step 4
4. I attached the pocket.

step 5
5. Then I attached the back-- first the sides and then the straps.

The finished back of apron.

The finished front! It's hard to see here but I sewed some dividers so I can keep stuff separate while I'm using the apron. (My tiny monkey feet make an appearance.)



A Craft Show Tip

I got this tip in a really helpful article about how to improve sales at craft shows. Gift certificates! The best ideas are really just that simple. Even if I don't end up selling many of them, they're great to have on hand just in case.

gift certificates

These were made with a combination of rubber stamping and gocco on textured paper. I am thinking about rounding their corners but I'm not entirely sure yet. Thoughts?


Photos from last weekend.

Canadian Nick came down to visit; here are photos from Sunday dinner at Gina's. I made a bunny for the pie (which promptly started to burn) and had a fun making cucumber flowers for the salad. Laura knows how to have a good time.

nick's visit

nick's visit

nick's visit

Thanks for the camera tips, Nick! I hope you had a fantastic trip. (All photos here are courtesy of our visitor and his fancypants tiny camera.)

Saturday Shopgirl

saturday shopgirl

It was a crazy busy day at Rare Device today, things flying off shelves! This was a brief moment of quiet. Weather was fantastic. I hope it keeps up tomorrow for those of you exhibiting at the Brooklyn Flea- I want so badly to stop by but there is jewelry work to be done and packages to ship.

Before that all happens, it is time for some sleep.


Where have I been?

Where? Oh I'll tell you where. Taxes. Web work. New product. Doing my one woman production line thing. Studying to get my real estate license. (Good idea or not, who knows. I pretty much go back and forth on the issue.) Dieting.*

What I want to be doing: shopping. Making a new smocky top. Milling around in a bookstore. Eating BK fries.

I'll tell you what else. I want to be allowed to wear other people's jewelry! I know I MAKE jewelry, but I also like other people's! While I am complaining about stuff, I also want to be making more money! To buy stuff, but ALSO so I can spend it on inventory! I would also like more of my proceeds to go to charity! BAH!

I'm obviously in a mood. I'll see you next week.

* The real source of my sour mood?


Custom Name Necklace: Done!

finished custom name necklace

And on its way to Australia. I hope she loves!

Photos from this weekend to come, courtesy of an international visitor.

Just finished The E Myth Revisited, an interesting read. Not all the things covered in the book are necessarily applicable to my own small business but very encouraging. I am re-inspired to think and dream big.